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Healing Touch

Healing Touch

Healing touch is the basic belief behind Quantum Touch, and where a number of ancient healing techniques and massage therapies are used to rid the body of illness. For thousands of years cultures across the globe realized the importance and the benefits of the healing touch, where hands-on contact formed a major part of their healing therapies. Since alternative healing, such as the healing touch does not rely or utilize synthetic or un-natural drugs or medications, the Quantum Touch together with the healing touch is safe for everyone and thousands have discover the amazing benefits that are offered by the healing touch, an age old healing technique.

Quantum Touch is a profound and unique healing system which appears to be limitless and besides being used to assist with the healing of individuals it can also heal dogs and cats and improve plants. The healing touch is a superb adjunct to the use of acupuncture plus acupressure treatments. Making use of the Quantum Touch technique after putting in the acupuncture needles largely amplifies the solution of the needle healing system. Some individuals are very wary of needles and acupressure treatment is rather chosen by them for the wellbeing of a range of ailments and pains. There are specific acupressure points in hands that when used by specialist practitioners can provide the relief to or elimination of full headaches or neck discomfort.

Richard Gordon the well known author and establisher of Quantum Touch is a strong believer of Life force and the healing touch and realizes that everyone has the potential to help themselves and their family with caring and education. Everyone can understand with time how to manage the Quantum Touch process at home or take a workshop course taught by professional Quantum Touch instructors. Quantum Touch improves a wide spectrum of healing tools like the use of the acupressure points in hands. Quantum Touch details how to focus and amplify the life force energy known as "Chi" in Chinese and "Prana" in Sanskrit by combining breathing and body awareness activities. Acupressure points in hands also succeed by stimulating the Chi to accelerate the healing process. Therapists of acupuncture and acupressure have found Quantum Touch to be a useful addition to their businesses.

Longer than thirty years ago Richard Gordon was feeling several worrying health issues and, after a disappointing consultation with his physician, went to the Christos School of Natural Healing in Taos, New Mexico. It was at this location that he was introduced to Polarity Therapy and thus wrote "Your Healing Hands". Richard Gordon met Bob Rasmussen, who had the ability to carry out healing with touch, and became his student. After his learnership was completed he was asked to take over the business. Richard Gordon says that it is not the natural doctor who heals but the individual taking in the healing energy. Both believers and skeptics can be shown how powerful energy healing is. When practitioners utilize the acupressure points in hands a Quantum Touch practitioner can hold his/her hands during the starting treatment, and begin the breathing and body awareness activities which results in a holding of resonance increasing vibrations. The patient's body begins the self-healing process.

Acupressure points in hands, increased by the Quantum Touch technique, causes the blood to flow properly and the Chi is circulated through the body. Symptoms are gotten rid of or are lessened and the body begins to heal the real causes of pain or illness. Richard Gordon met with Dr. Norman Shealy, a neurosurgeon from Springfield, Missouri who was a skeptic. On being shown the power of the healing touch and other tehcniques, which has been used by lots of cultures for a huge number of years, that honestly moved bones into the right alignment the neurosurgeon understood that acupressure points in hands and the Quantum Technique are systems that work simultaneously with other healing modalities.