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Please see below for a Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor in your area. Course Credit for the Live Basic QT Workshop is only available through the following instructors who have met the certification requirements and official approval through Quantum-Touch, Inc.

Michelle Rae Kraus

Ramsey, Minnesota
United States

Sananjaleen June Hughes
Sananjaleen June Hughes

Rectortown, Virginia 20140
United States

Want more Joy? Clarity? Enthusiasm? Energy?!
Please come and receive your Quantum Touch session of renewal and rejuvenation while deeply relaxing on the Amethyst Crystal BioMat. Everything vibrates, moves and changes, including ourselves, our cells. All things respond to Love and Caring.
QT promotes alignment of body, mind and spirit, empowers intuition, cellular activation and expansion in consciousness. It offers relief from physical discomfort, anxiety and stress, emotional and attitudinal change - or ascension activation! Miracles can, do and have happened.

Workshops, Private Sessions and Distant Healing - profound and powerful. May also utilize 'not techniques' from Matrix Energetics, Ascension Essences from the Garden of Sananda and Young Living Essential Oils. 

The Amethyst Crystal BioMat radiates far infrared and negative ions deep into the body. QT and the BioMat compliment and enhance each other.  

Related Trivia - June / Sananjaleen, believes in magic, miracles and Reverence for Life. Nature and the Animals Kingdoms are her teachers and she offers workshops, playdays and 'healing' sessions based on Let Nature Support You. In addition to QT workshops, there are Animal Communication, Paneurhythmy, Make your own Flower Essence, Energy Playdays and more. June is or has been, an author, photographer, x professional horsewoman, inspirational gardener and conduit for the Sananda Ascension Essences. She has traveled three times around the world, teaching riding in Israel and to young Aborigine boys in Australia. She has swum far out to sea with the dolphins and whales, and danced Paneurhythmy high in the mountains of Bulgaria. Located in a tiny historic village in the heart of northern Virginia's horse country she enjoys spending time in her garden with the little dogs, and volunteering at the local animal shelter.

Julie Kingsley
Julie Kingsley

Red Bluff, California 96080
United States

Robert Redden
Robert Redden

Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner
President and Founder of The Academy For Life
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
United States

I live my life through Spirituality/Law of Attraction.  Five years ago I developed my own method of self-healing, given to me by Spirit.  This method works well.  However, it is slower than Quantum Touch(QT) has proven to be.  To cite a few examples, I was able to self-heal an umbilical hernia, scoliosis, eyesight, and the cracked root of a tooth.  All verified by x-ray or doctor's exam.  Discovering  QT now allows me to share healing energy with others and help empower them to take their own self-healing journey.

I started a group in Rehoboth Beach De. called "Law of Attraction/Abundance and Prosperity".  Belinda Kalomeris, a very spiritually connected woman joined the group and together we became interested in QT healing.  We studied together and became QT Practitioners.  We offer group Energy Healing workshops in Rehoboth Beach De.  For more info. please email me:  energyhealingforlife@aol.

I am a life-long entrepreneur and philanthropist.  All of my work, including QT is to help develop "The Academy for Life", a 501-C-3 nonprofit, four year living and training facility for 18-24 years olds who are at risk or homeless(  QT will now be a part of the Academy experience.  Because of my QT training I'm confident that our students will come away with a better life training experience.  Over the years this will change the lives of thousands of at risk young people. 

To help fund the Academy I'm also developing a series of meditative relaxation CDs.  This Series of CDs will help people with many things including:  simple relaxation, financial abundance, friendships, and healing from the subconscious level. 

Tyson Jade Taylor

Rexburg, Idaho
United States

Sue Andrea Siebens
Sue Andrea Siebens

Practitioner and Level I Instructor
Wellness Center @ Dallas Meditation Center
727 S Floyd Rd
Richardson (North Dallas), Texas 75080
United States
Shining Light Energy Works
214 437-2737

Since I’ve been working with Energy Healing techniques, I remain in awe of the power to heal which is so readily available to us.  It’s ours for the accepting.  I’ve seen the benefits both as a Practitioner and Recipient.

My journey with Healing Energy began in my therapist’s office.  She would apply Love and Healing hands as part of our sessions together.  I was amazed at the mental and spiritual healing that I received.  I began to allow, to receive, to forgive and to be grateful.   My clouded understanding and dim grasp of what was and wasn’t working for me became clear and tangible.  We also used physical aches or injuries as pathways to the mental and spiritual source.  This is powerful stuff!  I was so drawn to the effects and the promise that I embarked to become an Energy Healer and Teacher myself.  I want to share this with everyone!

And I am that.  I’m a Reiki Master/Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner and a Quantum Touch Practitioner/Level I Instructor.  I approach each client session intuitively, adapting to the needs and intentions they bring with them.  I employ Aroma, Natural Stones & Crystals, Singing Bowls & Tuning Forks, along with Light and Colors in client sessions.  I encourage my clients to breathe and tone with me, if they are comfortable with that expression and in becoming engaged in their own healing.

I am constantly amazed at what happens.  The application of Love and Light that I project to my clients and animals rapidly assists their healing: bones move, deep cuts get “sewn up,” nerves appear to knit back together, attitudes change, minds and bodies relax, self-confidence returns.  WOW!

What we wear and where we spend our time also has its own Energy qualities, affecting us in subtle ways.  I make and infuse Healing Energy into Jewelry and Wands for personal use.  These items are custom made and individualized for the specific needs of the user.  I clear Work and Living Spaces and Structures (homes, hospital rooms, offices and buildings) with very positive effects, both in person and at a distance.

My practice is founded on a commitment to help all beings.  I work with humans as well as animals of all sorts.  I practice in the North Dallas-Addison-Richardson, Texas area.  For non-local clients, healing energy and session work can be delivered long distance.  In summary, I work in my facility, in hospitals, at clients’ homes, barns and kennels, over the phone and energetically connected.

I invite you to explore my website (  Please call (214-437-2737) or email me ( for an appointment to further your healing journey to health and well-being.

Myra Partyka
Myra Partyka

Richmond, Rhode Island
United States

I am a certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner. I have also been teaching Reiki and seeing clients since 1996, at All That Matters, an educational and holistic center in Wakefield, Rhode Island. My studies and certifications include Reiki master, Karuna Reiki master. Cranio-Sacral therapist through the Upledger Institute. Past life regression therapy through the Brian Weiss Institute, and a hypnotherapist through The National Guild of Hypnotists.
Anna H. Hristova, MD
Anna H. Hristova, MD

Ernie Betz
Ernie Betz

Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner/Instructor
26379 White Road
Richmond Heights, Ohio 44143
United States
Creekside Healing

Look for me on Facebook by name, Ernie Betz.


Ernie has studied spiritual modalities - Christianity, Judaism, comparative religions, a Course in Miracles, and Sufi teachings (meditation, Zirrat, healing order conductor).  Also, he is trained in metaphysical aspects of astrology, numerology, acupressure, massage, chakra balancing, Usui Reiki, Kundalini & Practical Reiki, along with Quantum-Touch.

He is available by appointment for hands-on natural healing sessions, distance healing, and workshops. Contact Ernie to teach a Quantum-Touch Live Level 1 Workshops at your home or business including local and distant settings.

He has volunteered giving Quantum-Touch sessions at the Cleveland Clinic for patients, patient’s family, staff, nurses and doctors.

Ernie has seen many individuals at various locations, including various expos and health fairs, and by appointment at the following: Creekside Healing, and  the Branches of Wellness in Fairport Harbor, Ohio. Also, there are various expos in the Ohio region like Victory of Light in Cincinnati, Holistic Health and Healing Expo ( of Light in Columbus and Cleveland, Cleveland Cav's health fair, Cleveland Clinic Employee Health Fairs, Lily Dale Assembly, and Reiki Awakening Academy.

All contacts and questions are welcomed. Most work is done out of Creekside Healing which is in Richmond Heights, Ohio on Cleveland's East side. He is willing to travel or work with distant energy.

George Matassov
George Matassov

Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner & Chi-Gong Master
Richmond Hill, New York 11418
United States
Vibrant Pathways Healing

Is endless suffering a foregone conclusion? Although there is no miraculous elixir or “quick-fix” I believe you can truly transform your suffering into something purposeful, positive and restorative. More often than not suffering is merely a natural mechanism by which your body is communicating to you: “please heal me, something is wrong!”

Unfortunately most traditional forms of western medicine completely exclude the mind-body-spirit connection that more fully defines ones existence and physical form. It is the essence of this mind-body-spirit relationship and respective vital life force energies that provide better context to ones suffering.

With a patient and compassionate approach we can help you unravel your suffering and help you reach your destined potential.

Our Philosophy is simple,

Treat each person as a unique and miraculous consciousness

The client is the healer, I merely facilitate the healing lifecycle

Leverage the best of modern and ancient healing modalities

Open ourselves to infinite possibilities

Here is a sampling of some of the conditions we can address:

Joint, spinal & muscular pain and injuries

Systemic, metabolic and auto-immune disorders

Headaches, migraines, insomnia and poor memory

Every-day stress and tensions

Post-Traumatic stress and Physiological issues

Spiritual constraints and blockages

Tailored education in Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Basic Quantum Touch, Stress Management  and other Eastern Healing Arts

Let us treat you, Let us teach you, Let us serve you.


George Matassov, Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner & Chi-Gong Master

Over 10 years of collective experience in Chinese Taoist Healing Arts, Ayurveda, Modern & Classical Homeopathy and Intuitive Healing

Founder and managing director of Vibrant Pathways Healing. A center dedicated to excellence in holistic care, specializing in non-invasive, effective and synergistic healing modalities.

Over 20 years of experience in transforming organizations as a Sr. Executive for Disney & Pfizer Inc.

Debra A. Loomis

Riverside, Rhode Island
United States
Four Seasons Reiki and Quantum-Touch

I am a Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, in Riverside RI.  I specialize in providing Comforting, gentle and insightful care for the support of each individual's evolution to the Source of all Life. It is my pleasure and blessing to be of service to All.

Sylvia Honey
Sylvia Honey

Riverview, Michigan 48193
United States

B.S. in Speech and Language Therapy
M.A. in Learning Disabilities
30 years experience at all grade levels
20 years yoga experience
3 years Thai Yoga Massage Therapist
Quantum-Touch Practitioner

My major interest include: family/friends, nature, organic life style, gardening, meditation, yoga and spiritual studies. I've had a lifelong interest in being of service to others. My yogic path led me to a better life style and the realization that I was ultimately responsible for my own health care. I began learning how to listen to my body/mind and what it needed to perform at optimum levels. Along with yoga, I traveled to White Lotus in Santa Barbara where I was trained and earned certification in Thai Yoga Massage Therapy. Learning to move energy through the ten major zen lines of the body opened other doors of interest for me in energy medicine. I began studying Quantum-Touch, which lends itself nicely to be used with Thai Massage, or they can each be used solely on their own for healing. This field continues to unfold for me and I am excited about its capabilities.
Maribet Balestena
Maribet Balestena

Riverview, Florida
United States
Susan J. Holt

Rogers, Arkansas
United States

Kenneth Smith

4893E. Farm Road 194
Rogersville, Missouri 65742
United States

I have long believed in the body to heal itself if given the right opportunity.  In Quantum Touch® I believe I have been given that opportunity.

I work in pain reduction



Sinus Problems


Alita Tahimic

Certified Quantum Touch Level 1 Instructor and Practitioner
Rose Hill, Kansas
United States

Quantum Touch, Reiki Master and Sound Enegy Dynamics certified

Gordon Boyd
Gordon Boyd

Roseville, Michigan
United States

Gordon has taught at several colleges and, since 1996, has been on the faculty of Michigan's largest private college, Baker. There he teaches classes in psychology, cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, and philosophy. He directs Access Services through which he provides hypnotherapy, professional instruction in hypnotherapy, and a growing number of publications on therapeutic trance of interest to a wide range of professionals. ( Gordon is ordained as a United Methodist Minister and has been studying various yogic and energy systems since 1965.

Josie Protopappas (FinaLouise)

Certified Instructor
426 Folsom Road - Suite E

Roseville, California 95678
United States
Fina Louise, Holistic Practitioner
916 759-8713

916 759-8713

    Always call for directions, as venues have been known to change!!!

I have been practicing Quantum touch for quite some time, and have learned so much. Learning and using Quantum Touch has transformed my way of thinking, broadened my spirituality, and taught me so much about giving and receiving. I've been on a blissful path of learning, and by following my excitement, I have become certified in many areas of holistic healing. I am a certified QT Practitioner and Instructor, a mentor and certified success coach, behavioral therapist and a certified clinical hypnotherapist. I am continually adding to my toolbox of methods and techniques to assist in your healing.

Using QT on a daily basis has become a natural and an ingrained activity that just makes everything beautiful! Aches and pains melt away. You feel better and better everyday. Many of my clients are excited about their results with QT. I invite you to make an appointment with a practitioner, and I encourage you to take a QT workshop so that you may experience what many people are experiencing!

Call to reserve your seat at a workshop! 916 783-2281.

Martin Gene McClain

Russells Point, Ohio
United States

Virginia Viveros
Virginia Viveros

314 Elliott Rd. P.O. Box 145
Russells Point, Ohio 43348
United States
Art of Health

I've had a lifelong interest in health and alternative approaches to healing.  As a hospital employee for many years I've seen medical procedures that could benefit from the addition of the Quantum Touch technique.  

Now I have had an opportunity to relieve suffering and offer hands-on healing to those in need.

As a new practioner I've seen marvelous results and am eager to offer this healing touch to others.