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Please see below for a Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor in your area. Course Credit for the Live Basic QT Workshop is only available through the following instructors who have met the certification requirements and official approval through Quantum-Touch, Inc.

Joanne Petricca

Leominster, Massachusetts
United States

Laura Pezold-Gallagher
Laura Pezold-Gallagher

Energy Medicine Practitioner
Leonardtown, Maryland 20650
United States
Healing Hearts

The healing art of energy medicine therapy is an artisitc expression of the healing process in the abstract imaginarium.

Relax * Release * Receive 'EXPERIENCE' - be in the moment if you can.

Energy Medicine Practitioner. CANCER SUPPORT. Senior Discount. Pain/Stress Management & Deep Relaxation. 30 min/45 min/60 min. full sessions.  Affordable Fees: $35/$45/$60. Please inquire for more information or assistance.

Contact to request a brochure. 301-481-7004

OFFICE LOCATION: 26045 Sotterley Heights Rd, Hollywood, MD 20636                                  Appointments Only: Wednesday & Fridays

Meditation Therapy, Quantum-Touch, Healing Touch level IV, Silva Method since 1974, Usui Shiki Ryoho, Crystal, Atlantean, Lavender Flame Reiki MTP, Tibetan/Himalayan Singing bowls, and Metaphysical Practitioner.

Priest -Order of Melchezidek, Minister-Metaphysical Ministry- NDM.

Member: I.A.R.P. Reiki Professionals, Healing Touch International, UK

April Martino

Lewiston, New York
United States
Well - Integrative Health & Healing


Amanda McCardle
Amanda McCardle

1724 Liberty Rd
Lexington, Kentucky 40505
United States
I was born and raised in Kentucky, living in Lexington since the age of 3.  I have been married since 1996 to my amazing high-school sweetheart and am a mother of two beautiful children.  I have always enjoyed helping others and throughout the jobs of my life, it became apparent that there was 'something else' I should be doing!

In March of 2005 I found Quantum-Touch and began reading and connecting with the online community.  In January 2006 I enrolled in Lexington Healing Arts Academy to become a Massage Therapist and graduated that November.  During this time I studied  many different energy modalities and subjects including Cranial Sacral, Aromatherapy, Crystal therapy, spirit investigations, intuitive developments, acquired my Reiki II, attended 2 QT Basic workshops, hosted 2 video workshops and a Healing Retreat weekend (with friends).  In September 2007 I became a licensed massage therapist.  I am also involved with the Central KY Healing Arts Association in serving on the Advisory Board; helping with publications, festivals, promoting growth and awareness in the community.

I am interested in furthering my learning, expanding my self and boundaries, and especially connecting with new people!  I enjoy in introducing others to Quantum-Touch either through discussion, demonstration, treatments and especially when blending it with massage.  I offer massage, Reiki, Quantum-Touch (distant or home sessions) and other spiritual modalities.  Please feel free to call or email me for appointments.
Nola Fountain

Lexington, North Carolina
United States

Nola Fountain is an energy healer.  She combines Quantum-Touch, Healing Touch, and crystal therapy with the belief that anytime we work with the power and energy of love and touch, we allow and encourage the healing of our planet one person at a time.

Nola's interest in energy healing (E.H.) was inspired by a life altering experience that occurred in the year 2000.  The event that changed her life is known to some people as cosmic or universal consciousness.  She just knows it as the day her world changed.  The day She became One with the universe.  During this experience Nola became aware that we are all one.  ONE MIND, ONE BODY, and ONE SPIRIT!!  She saw with her heart that we are all connected by an invisible rainbow.  Nola understands now that the rainbow that she felt connected us all was a symbol for the aura.  Everything has an aura, plants and animals as well as people.  The aura or the energy field is what connects us to the heavens and the earth, as well as to each other.

Shortly after her life changing event took place Nola was browsing through the community college catalog, and she came across a picture of the aura (rainbow) surrounding the human body.  This picture was an ad for an upcoming E.H. workshop, the first of many that Nola would sign up for.  She has been in love with energy healing ever since, because it's something that seems to come easy and natural to her.

Nola's healing routine consists of several different modalities, but her favorite and most often used are Quantum-Touch, Healing Touch and crystal therapy.  Nola has been with the county Hospice for about seven years.  During this time she has used E.H. to help people with a lot of different problems.  She uses E.H. to help with the stress that comes with a terminal diagnosis and for pain relief.  Nola used energy healing to help a Vietnam vet who was still having flashbacks of war to find peace.  She helped a 22 year old ex gang member with a terminal illness face his fear of dying through E.H., since E.H. connects mind, body and spirit, it helps us to understand that death is not the end.

Nola uses E.H. for a lot of different things, but her specialty seems to be wound care.  For wound care Nola uses mainly Quantum-Touch.  She sees amazing things happen when she runs energy into wounds.  Even people with diabetes have responded remarkably well to Nola's wound care techniques.
Grace W. Moulder

Lexington, Kentucky
United States

Vicki Young
Vicki Young

2121 Richmond Rd.
Ste 221
Lexington, Kentucky 40502
United States
Intuitive Connections

I am also on Facebook:

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I live in Lexington, KY where I have an office where I do Akashic Record Consultations along with Quantum Touch and Reiki.  I have been using my clairvoyance since 2000 and have always felt that something was missing in my practice.  
In early 2007 I attended my first Quantum-Touch workshop and was hooked.  I started incorporating it into my regular intuitive consultations and the results were incredible!  Quantum-Touch helps accelerate my energy healings by faster movement to the emotional blocks that we all unknowingly hold on to.  The more I practice it the more I am impressed by the power it has.  Its amazing how well QT works on aches and pains while giving relief within minutes in most cases.
I do on site and distance healing by appointment for humans and animals.
Email me at:
Marcella Dunkel

Linden, Michigan
United States
Sheila K. Stewart

Lisle, Illinois
United States
Patricia A. Torre
Patricia A. Torre

Litchfield, Connecticut
United States

Patricia A. Torre, DW, MA has studied and lived the practice of healing arts since 1985. For Patricia, energy healing is a gentle touch, a “laying on of hands,” that balances the subtle energies of the body. She has witnessed these natural systems of healing in reducing and managing anxiety, stress and tension, thereby providing a positive context for personal and spiritual development.


As an experienced Retreat and Spiritual Director, Patricia has a special interest in combining retreat work with focusing, guided imagery and energy healing. Her greatest joy is to create and hold a space where others can bring themselves into wholeness, living a life of joy and original blessing for which they were created.


Patricia combines her Quantum-Touch practice with other energy modalities: Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, Focusing, Guided Imagery Meditation and Theta Healing. She offers individual and group sessions for Stress Reduction and Inner Healing.


Patricia received her MA in Theology from St. John’s University, Jamaica, NY, and has on-going studies in spiritual direction, energy healing and spirituality, with a special emphasis on Wisdom Spirituality.




Shirley Jenner

Licensed Massage Therapist
448 King Street
Littleton, Massachusetts 01460
United States
Fine Balance Bodyworks

Shirley Jenner has been practicing Therapeutic Massage since 2001 and is thrilled to be adding Quantum Touch to her practice. Mindfulness is what she brings in being a Massage Therapist. Mindfulness is about being fully present in the moment so you can have your client's best interest at heart. Quantum Touch has deepened this awareness and has brought a whole new meaning for Shirley with tuning in to her client's needs.

Shirley's goals for her clients is to have her clients recognize:

          we are all connected

       we are all spiritual beings

we all have the power to heal ourselves



Linda Hilmes

Lockport, Illinois
United States
Shelly Cummins
Shelly Cummins

Reverend Shelly Cummins,MA
Logansport, Indiana 46947
United States

Shelly has been on the spiritual healing path for 20 years.. She has studied many differant healing modalities.. She believes there needs to be a balance with the body, mind and spirit.. we should never quit learning. Shelly Loves to give classes on her knowledge. 

Shelly is an Ordained Minister with Universal Life Church, Shelly was ordained into a higher order By Father Nathaniel. into all esoteric realms of christianity, including Buddism, Hinduism and more.

Shelly has completed study under Debora Kings 21st Century Energy Medicine program, the first 4 levels and is certified by Deb King as a Life Coach, a Spirit Guide Coach, a Prayer Practitioner, and a Book of life Coach 

Shelly Is also A Thinking Into Results Facilitator by Bob Proctor.  


 Life Coach & Thinking Into Results Facilitator Coach

Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner/Instructor

Reiki Master Teacher

Ordained Inner Faith Minister

Young Living essential oil distributer

Master of science in parapsychic science

 Shelly is available for distant sessions or in person: human or animals, Raindrop Technique and Marriages, Life Coaching & Thinking Into Results Coaching. 

Beth Neal
Beth Neal

Loon Lake, Washington
United States
         I searched for most of my life for a true purpose, somewhere to serve, to show love and caring.  It came to me one day through a ray of sunlight passing through a crystal hanging in my window.  It made lovely patterns in the carpet, filling the room with joy in the colors.  I wanted to be God’s crystal, shining His love and joy to His children.  That knowledge led me to Reiki.  After three years studying under my Reiki Master he attuned me to Reiki Master.  I have taught since 1997 and have given classes from Maine to California.           

         When I discovered Quantum-Touch in 2004  I knew I had found the ultimate healing method.  The Reiki is still part of my treatments, but with Quantum-Touch the healing becomes so much more complete in half the time.  Two minutes into my first treatment on a spine I watched a bone move into place.          

         Quantum-Touch has put me totally into a deep relationship with the Infinite as well.  I am blessed and my joy is to bless others with this healing method.         

         Presently my partner and I are offering a unique retreat and we of course do Quantum-Touch on our guests as well as give them viewings of the video class.  Soon we will both be instructors as well.  
John Docwra

Loon Lake, Washington
United States

I have been involved in some type of energy/healing work since the early 1990's when I was first introduced to Spiritual Healing. I have been a Reiki Master Teacher since 1999 and have studied both the Usui Shiko Ryoho and Sekhem-Seichem traditions. For a very long time I preferred Reiki over any other energy/healing modality, to such an extent that we wouldn't allow anything else to be used at our weekly healing circle. However since being introduced to Quantum-Touch in 2004, I now find that I hardly use Reiki any more as I have found Q-T to be such an effective energy/healing method in its own right. It is easy to learn, easy to use and extremely effective. 
Camhy Hall, DC, LAc

Doctor of Chiropractic and Acupuncturist
4772 Katella Ave., Ste #102
Los Alamitos, California 90720
United States
Lotus Health Center


I am a dedicated believer in the incredible and natural healing abilities of the body, mind, and soul. I have always known I would be a practitioner of health and an advocate of relaxation, meditation, exercise, wholesome eating, and above all else, a positive attitude towards oneself and one's circumstances.  My ultimate purpose is to empower the public with the truth about healthy living, health foods, products, medicines, and diseases.  I wish to provide insight, encouragement, hope, and understanding of inner peace through health and prevention. The Lotus Health Center embodies my passion for wellness with quantum touch, acupuncture, chiropractic, patient education, nutrition, herbal medicine, and supplement.


Get knowledge, have hope, transform, heal, and be empowered. 

Kit Kan

Los Angeles, California
United States
(626) 274 2254

Healing is a gift. It doesn’t mean that one who has received it is better or more deserving than another. We are all capable of tapping into that unlimited healing potential within. What may be temporally holding those who are afraid of receiving this profound gift is fear. When will it be your time to open your hands and heart and accept the healing potential within you?

My purpose is to serve humanity. My gift to you is to share with you my passion and love for the healing arts. My genuine focus is to help you heal yourself through awareness of being and using healing practices like Quantum-Touch. I am an avid student and teacher of the metaphysics and the spiritual arts. I have been tested by my own false belief systems and have gone through my own internal healing process through the years. My journey is not only mine, but share many commonalities with others as well. All that I’ve gone through had only helped me to express compassion on a much deeper level.

I combine Quantum-Touch with other forms of energy modalities with a good dosage of intuition. I’m a Reiki Practitioner and IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) Practitioner. I am also a crystal healer and love to combine crystals in most of my healing sessions with individuals. I trust that whoever will serve as your healing guide will be right for you.

Namaste and thank you for your presence. May you see that you’re already blessed by the light of God.

Carol D. Wright
Carol D. Wright

Los Angeles, California
United States

      I love the simplicity of Quantum Touch.  It's a powerful tool that enables me to reach a deeply relaxed space of love and joy and attunes my clients' energy vibration to the higher frequency of health.

     Having grown up with debilitating asthma set me on a journey to find increasing levels of health, joy, peace, and love.  After spending over 20 years exploring nutrition, self-awareness, personal growth,  and energy healing, my deep enthusiasm for healing and learning has led me to expand my consciousness and awareness with spiritual psychology and multiple healing modalities. 

      My goal is to assist clients with their healing on many levels, and to empower them in their own healing. 


I am available for private and distant healing sessions, as well as home, hospital, and nursing home visits.  


I look forward to working together with you on your journey of healing and self-discovery.

Deborah Gair
Deborah Gair

Los Angeles, California
United States
Life Force Energy Ltd

Hello! :-) I'm from Scotland and am an intuitive, an energy psychologist and a spiritual guide who has been practicing Quantum Touch worldwide for 12 years now, having helped to introduce it to the UK and Europe in 2002.

As a natural healer with the ability to clearly perceive subtle energies, I completed my Quantum-Touch Advanced-Level training and subsequent apprenticeship with both Richard Gordon and Alain Herriott in the USA. I then went on to teach Advanced-Level Quantum-Touch classes worldwide for many years (Supercharging and Core Transformation.)

As well as a Quantum-Touch Practitioner and Instructor (Levels 1, 2 and Self Created Health), I'm a qualified Nutritionist; a Teaching Reiki Master; and an Advanced-Level Practitioner of a whole host of Meridian Energy Therapies, including E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique.) 

Having trained with the legendary Doctors Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler, I hold qualifications as a Master Practitioner of N.L.P. (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy.

I'm also a trained Counsellor, specializing in Grief and Bereavement and have a wealth of experience of working in Hospice Care. I hold certificates in Psychology, Social Work Skills and in Coaching. 

As a specialist in Meditation, I have spent many years under the tuteledge of great Masters throughout the world. 

I'm registered as a Complementary Therapist with the British Complementary Medicine Association and hold membership with The Federation of Holistic Therapists (BTech (Hons); MSc; C.AP.AMT; Dip Grief Couns; BCMA Reg; MFHT) having private practices in both Scotland and London through and  I also offer distant healing and one-to-one Skype sessions.

My areas of specialization include working with those diagnosed as being 'terminally ill' and with the bereaved. My other speciality is working with horses.

As a founding member of an Indian children's charity, a percentage of proceeds from all that I do goes toward making a difference to this meaningful cause.

I'm willing to teach worldwide and look forward to helping guide your transition toward the freedom that I have been fortunate to discover ...

Here's what others have to say  :

“… I cannot thank Deborah enough for the true and genuine compassion she demonstrated during our sessions. I can only say that life definitely has taken on a whole new meaning and purpose since we met. I feel transformed on every level. I highly recommend her to others in need of comfort, healing and guidance.” Cynthia, London

“When I visited Deborah for the first time, I was a self-confessed physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, shipwreck! The specialist techniques she used to alleviate my state were not only highly effective and incredibly fast but were delivered in a manner and atmosphere of absolute support and kindness. Hats off to her.” Mark, Edinburgh

"The next day ..." (after a distant healing session) "... I woke up feeling more supple and the crack in my lower back which I heard every morning for the last 13 years was no more. The experience strengthened my interest in the technique and I am looking forward to learning more.” Peter, Reading
Daniel the Healer
Daniel the Healer

Energy Body Therapist and Master Psychic Surgeon
Los Angeles/Sherman Oaks, California 91403
United States

Now that I have completed QT Level II, I can also work long distance via Skype.  It works extremely well. 

My specialty is the alignment of your structural/skeletal system.  Please check out my website for more information.

Also check out my website

I have received the gift of healing.  For over 35 years, I’ve pursued my healing gift through various methods, such as MariEl, Deeksha, Yuen Energetics, Circles of Life, Access, hypnosis and many other modalities, and I am a certified Quantum Touch practitioner.  I have always integrated healing throughout my various careers and have achieved sufficient success so that now I am completely dedicated to healing. I am deeply established as a healer and I live and love to heal.

Here are the two most important points I believe about healing. First: Since each of us is truly our own healer you must still do the work, you must make a choice to heal, but finding your way through the complex terrain of your psyche can be simplified by having a masterful guide, which is exactly what I am. I’m here to facilitate you in becoming more capable in whatever area of your life you choose to expand and develop. I offer strength and assistance in healing the old wounds and finding peace so you can move forward more freely.

And secondly: True healing is holistic. To be holistic one needs to deal with all four bodies: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As an example, just because a chiropractor deals with your structural alignment, does sophisticated blood cell analysis and counsels you on your diet and life style doesn’t mean that he is a holistic practitioner.  He is only dealing with your physical body.
 I have found that healing cannot happen unless there is agreement and co-operation between the four bodies, and so I have found ways to work and communicate with all four of them.  I can help you read and recognize your conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious minds. I also communicate with your individual organs to coordinate them with each other.

It’s fascinating how each individual channels their specific energies, but we are really all the same in that we are simply the result of our energy body. Whatever happens there eventually unfolds into what our lives become.

I have seven Spirit Helpers work with me, along with various other light beings, the forces of nature and my own Higher Self and Soul. I merge with transcendent consciousnesses whose alliances are based in love and light, illuminating your best interest and holding your greatest potential at heart.

My main concern lies in releasing you from the unseen limitations that keep you from having the glorious life that you, a being of light, deserves. What a thrill and joy I experience as I see my clients released from their psychic bondage into the positivity and excitement that unfolds in their physical lives! I am honored by their success and renewed sense of well-being.

Freeing yourself into the clear view is the most direct route to living your life to its fullest and a major reason for you to invest in yourself.  This work is my mission, my passion and my reason for being so I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.