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Please see below for a Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor in your area. Course Credit for the Live Basic QT Workshop is only available through the following instructors who have met the certification requirements and official approval through Quantum-Touch, Inc.

Kathy Arneson
Kathy Arneson

Monticello (30 miles south of Madison), Wisconsin
United States

I have been a nurse for over 30 years, working primarily in the emergency setting. I practice and am certified in Healing Touch.  Once I learned Quantum Touch (I first learned the method via the workshop videos) I found my energy work outcomes greatly improving. I have taken the Core Transformation class and have watched the Supercharging Video Workshop, as well. All Quantum-Touch classes have been extremely valuable, each one offering new skills that improve outcomes for those experiencing them. I continue to work as an ER nurse in a hospital near Madison, Wisconsin where I frequently offer healing energy to both patients and co-workers.

I have had great success working with clients with back issues, including sciatica and disc abnormalities.

Cell: 608-938-1098

Facebook: Kathy Arneson RN-Energy Healer 

Rebekah Taylor

Certified Massage Therapist, Quantum Touch Practitioner
Mooresville, Indiana
United States

Hi! Beka here, I'm a Certified Massage Therapist and have been practicing in the Indianapolis area for the last 9 years.  I'm also an Usui Reiki Master, and practice sound therapy utilizing the Solfeggio Tuning forks, and Quantum touch. Any therapy is stand alone, but the combinations are spectacular! I found that Quantum Touch works in the way that a person needs it, whether its structural realignment, pain relief, or emotional healing.  For me it was emotional healing, helping me to forgive the past, love myself and move forward in leaps and bounds. I would love to share this energy with you!
Magda Rivera-Dillon
Magda Rivera-Dillon

West Virginia
United States
Alegria LLC

Magda Rivera-Dillon is a Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher, Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, and Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Professional Practitioner.

She is a member of The International Center for Reiki Training, Reiki Membership Association (ICRT RMA) and the Healing Touch Professional Association (HTPA). She is teaching Reiki as a Professional Member of the ICRT RMA under her Master William Lee Rand lineage.

Services are provided in the Morgantown area at Body & Mind Acupuncture and Wellness Center and at Somatic Wellness.

Languages: English and Spanish

Orice Klaas
Orice Klaas

Licensed Massage Therapist, Ordained Priestess
Moro, Oregon
United States

Every step of my life's path has been a blessing. Each experience I  encounter and each person I meet along the way is my teacher. Opens my eyes and ears and heart. Heals me. In the pursuit of growth,understanding, compassion and healing for myself, I want to share as much as possible with others. 

My experiences/teachers includes nineteen years as a Benedictine nun; umpteen years as a teacher; becoming a Priestess and Shaman; sharing Readings and becoming a licensed massage therapist. My preferred healing techniques continue to be a mixture of Ritual celebration, Shamanism, CranioSacral Therapy, Breema and now Quantum Touch.

I continue to pursue my own person growth and am deeply honored and humbled to share my creative healing skills with those who come my way.

Linda C. Dayton
Linda C. Dayton

Morris, Connecticut
United States

I am a Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner/Instructor and have completed the Supercharging Quantum-Touch course and the Core Transformation I and II courses. I combine QT with Usui Reiki with noticeable amplified results and offer Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) to my practice.

I completed a three year Creating Authentic Power Educational Program facilitated by Seat of the Soul author Gary Zukav and Linda Frances. Linda is co-author with Gary of, The Heart of the Soul, Emotional Awareness, and The Mind of the Soul, Responsible Choice.

Throughout the years I have participated in many other spiritual activities, workshops, and retreats.

I find joy in providing assistance in bringing about the highest awareness of our own potentials in self healing through QT sessions given in person or long-distance. For more information, you can contact me at or call 860-459-8746.

Doris M. Black
Doris M. Black

Morris, Illinois
United States
home: 815-941-2403
cell: 815-735-0199

Doris is a practitioner in the healing arts of both Quantum-Touch and Reiki Touch Energy Healing.  She uses energy to relieve stress and to allow the body to heal itself.

She has joined the staff of the Soder World Healing Arts Center and Spa in Hinsdale, IL.  Her clients have found the new surroundings both uplifting and serene.

New clients are welcome and the Center is conviently open 7 days a week.

Call Doris at 815-941-2403 or 815-735-0199 for a healing experience appointment.

Dr. Simone Little, DNM

Morse, Louisiana
United States
The Energy Center

Barbara Rose
Barbara Rose

116 E. 3rd St. Suite 208
Moscow, Idaho 83843
United States
Sparks of the Divine

My purpose and passion is to assist others in understanding their own innate healing abilities through their constant connection with their Higher Power. Quantum-Touch® is a beautiful, simple modality that at its core helps us to see and realize our Divine potential…spiritually, emotionally and physically. I believe that when we assist one another through our Divine birthright as self-healers, we amplify the Divine Love within ourselves, our home, our communities and beyond.

I began studying and practicing spiritual energy self-healing after a profound personal experience with Reiki in the mid ‘90's. This experience launched an exploration of self-healing modalities spanning two decades. In honoring my life's purpose, I completed training as a Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner and Usui Reiki Master; am currently pursuing a Temple of Light Minister's license; and am expanding my services to include hospice, hospitals, youth and beyond.

I created a Spiritual Energy Workshop where anyone can quickly connect to and experience their own Divine energetic abilities. This Divine Love energetic awareness can become the inner spark that begins a life journey toward self-healing, self-love and self-empowerment.

In the Sparks Youth Program I developed, each child is encouraged to explore, appreciate and more fully understand their own Divine uniqueness and their personal connection with Spirit. Through activities such as art, topic discussions and movement, the program is designed to connect youth to a greater awareness of self and then create an empowering connection to the world around them. Participants experience the power of Divine Love, first and foremost for themselves, and then discover the positive impact that has on everything and everyone around them.

In addition to group workshops and programs, I offer individual spiritual energy sessions at my private office and distance healing sessions via Skype or phone.

Please feel free to contact me regarding my practice and the opportunities that I can provide. I offer a free, half-hour consultation where we can explore the possibilities of working together and determine if my abilities resonate with your physical and spiritual goals and desires.  My intention is to always be my authentic self and to weave an element of joy into each and every healing session.

I do truly hope that I can be the energetic facilitator for your self-healing journey.

Amanda Cooper
Amanda Cooper

Mount Shasta, California
United States

My interest in injuries, niggles and health began as a young athlete where injuries and illness were key issues. This interest was fuelled by studying sport science, growing further when I worked in health promotion where I developed an interest in more holistic approach to health and a desire to heal myself and help others heal. This naturally led to an interest in alternative therapies. After a couple of amazing sessions with energy healers I looked for a course where I could learn more. Quantum-Touch seemed to grab my attention and since the very first workshop I have loved working with the energy. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found this wonderful healing technique and to witness the amazing affects Quantum-Touch can have.

Cheryle Kiara Holmes
Cheryle Kiara Holmes

Mt Shasta, California 96067
United States

Happy to assist with QT therapy while I am spending a few months in Mt Shasta California. I can cleanse, energise the aura, be a confidant and help ease stressful situations. Please call and I will come to your home as I am in a shared home
Katherine W. Jones

Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
United States

Renata Jokl
Renata Jokl

MD, licensed in Czech Republic, LAc
Acupuncture Center,
918 Lansing Dr.
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina 29464
United States
Acupuncture Center
843 452 1935

I was born and grew up in Czech Republic. I have studied and finished Medical School there in 1984 and practiced Internal Medicine for several years. There I studied and got licensed in Acupuncture.

I moved to Charleston, SC in 1991. I had opportunity to practice acupuncture in Chronic Pain Clinic in Medical University of SC. I was there for over 10 years, working with team of specialist and gathering lot of scientific data, explaining the effects of acupuncture through the reactions of the body on the local level, on the spinal cord level and CNS level, neurotransmitters, hormones . That gave me understanding how acupuncture works through the western theories not just in the traditional understanding about the energy / Qi/ not being in balance in the meridian system.

But that still did not give me the answer why some people will heal and others will have just temporarily improvement or with the time they will develop something else.

Studying another energy method – NMT, gave me the knowledge of the profound power of intention and the power of our thoughts and emotions. It also helped me to understand the energetic/emotional root of the disease.

QT took me further - to the spiritual level, teaching me the importance of the connection to our spirit in our healing. QT made me understand that each person has its own healing system and that the patient is the healer and we are each of us responsible for our own healing. But most of us do not know how to access this unique healing power and activate it. Instead we look for methods that would fix us or somebody that would fix us – if it is medication, chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture treatment or the surgery or many others. Our body is our guidance what is the best to do for our healing, but we need to understand the body language and learn to listen to its guidance. QT is very helpful with that. QT works from inside out. It works on the PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, MENTAL and SPIRITUAL level.

Through my experience of 22 years working with chronic diseases of other people and my own I can help others to teach and guide them through their own healing.

I am very grateful for QT and my own healing. Peace with all











Sue Johnson M.S., LMFT
Sue Johnson M.S., LMFT

Executive Director, Intentional Family Institute
3900 South 234 East
Suite 2
Murray, Utah 84107
United States
Intentional Family Wellness Center
Business offfice: 801-266-3885

A respected author and lecturer, Sue Johnson, M.S., LMFT, has devoted her life to exploring the endless possibilities of human potential. She is an experienced clinician skilled in a variety of therapeutic methods including CBT, psychodynamic, Gestalt, structural, strategic and solution-focused family therapy. Sue has spent nearly 20 years working with people in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction and other emotional and psychiatric problems. She has worked with survivors of sexual trauma, childhood abuse and domestic violence.  

Sue utilizes her skills as a Quantum Touch practitioner to enhance the healing process for her trauma patients, to assist others with chronic pain, and to enhance spiritual, physical and emotional development.  Many of Sue’s patients also suffer from a variety of mental health conditions including PTSD, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and personality disorders. She authored the book, Motherhood at the Crossroads (Plenum Publishing, N.Y., New York, 1997) receiving critical acclaim nationwide for the accomplishment.  Sue has brought her many skills and experiences to Salt Lake City from Oahu, Hawaii to co-found Intentional Family Wellness Center with her husband, Randy Johnson, LMFT.

Edgar Muller
Edgar Muller

42801 Oak View Pl.
Murrieta, California 92562
United States

Airline Transport Pilot since 1979. I have worked in Ground, Flight and CRM (Corporate Resource Management) instruction during my career in the Airlines. Working in instruction with airline personal has given me the opportunity to enhance teaching techniques that are essential with self-help courses. QT has allow me to become pro-active, in the healing of myself, our familly and friends. Quantum-Touch has opened a new chapter in my life, giving me the opportunity to apply some of my past experience with the benefits that I have found in the area of Mind, Body, and Spirit Journey. My goal is to be able to transmit to others that spark ,so they can start their own endless journey of a healthier life and self discovery of awareness and mindfulness.
Francisca Leal
Francisca Leal

Quantum Touch Practitioner, Chopra Center Creating Health Educator
Murrieta, California
United States

Francisca has practiced maisteam Medicine for the last 22 years in Venezuela, as a Medical Surgeon. Since 2000 she has taken a Holistic approach to healing, were the healer is the person taking responsabilities for her/his health. She has the ability to guide the healer in each one of us in different ways, using Quantum Touch, Aura Counseling and Ayurveda (Knowledge of life) plus her unlimited knowledge of healthcare from a life long of working in the field. Her goal is to teach people the infinite capacity for healing thru the balance of the Body-Mind and Soul.

Shirley Clarke

N. Kingstown, Rhode Island
United States

Carol M. Scheidel

N. Richland Hills, Texas 76180
United States

Robert McQueen
Robert McQueen

Heart-in-Hands Healing
Napa, California 94558
United States


Robert McQueen supports people with physical and neurological disabilities, (such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy) to increase balance, range of motion, straightening of limbs. This powerful work improves neurological functioning, bringing more independence and quality of life to his clients.


How does he do it?  Robert says “I can work in person or long distance over the phone. I set a high vibration and the client’s body rises up to match that vibration to facilitate rapid healing.”  Clients experience relief from pain, reduced swelling, and their spine easing back into alignment.  Quantum Touch is unique because it is extremely gentle and soothing and yet yields powerful results in a very short period of time.


An example is Lesley Wright, a regular long distance client who receives Quantum Touch sessions over the phone. She lives with Cerebral Palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. Lesley says:

 "When I started sessions with Robert, I felt the benifits right away. First the chronic edema (swelling) went down in my legs and feet, and my left shoulder moved back into alignment. Then my left leg straightened out so that my knees no longer rub against each other all the time."

"Over time my spine has straightened and gotten stronger, and my balance has improved so much that I can now sit up on my bed unaided, which I coulden't do before. Working with Robert I am continuing to improve my range of motion and ability to use my arms and legs more independantly."

"I really appreciate the healing work Robert does with me. It makes a big difference in my ability to get out and enjoy life!"


Robert is a certified Quantum Touch practitioner with over 10 years of experience in the healing arts, and became a certified Quantum Touch Instructor in 2010.  As a child, he quickly realized that he was particularly sensitive to the emotions and pain of other people, which has made him a very compassionate healer that genuinely cares about his clients.  Robert is passionate about Quantum Touch because it the most effective and gentle way for healing pain and increasing range of motion and functionality of his clients.

Robert has such a powerful commitment to helping people that are suffering from chronic physical pain or neurological disabilities heal, that he is offering a complementary wellness consultation. Email Robert at

or call (707)321-3524 to schedule your consultation today.


My training includes: Quantum Touch Certification Program,

Advanced Programs: Super Charge Method, Core Transformation 1,

Self Generated Health, and Quantum Touch II.
Massage Therapy License from the Western Institute of Science & Health
Hands-On Healing Program from the Berkeley Psychic Institute

Matrix Energetics

Ruth A. Stout
Ruth A. Stout

Licensed Massage Therapist
1100 Oswego Rd.
Heal-thy Self Massage Center
Naperville, Illinois 60540
United States
Heal-thy Self Wellness & Massage
I am an Illinois State Licensed massage therapist practicing in Naperville since 1990. By experiencing the powerful healing I received on my wrist and hip I knew that Quantum-Touch was the energy healing light work I was to use.

I have now combined the healing energy of Quantum-Touch with my muscle therapy. My clients love the relaxed feeling and tell me they have received better results with less discomfort from the combined therapy. They sometimes only request Quantum-Touch for their session. They are STRESSED out and want to just relax.

I clear auras and balance the chakra system. I can help my clients on a deeper level of emotional healing should they desire to heal themselves.

I am a Spiritual Life Coach. Through divine guidance I was shown how we are a spiritual being inside of this mental, emotional and physical body we have. My gift through divine guidance is the ability to guide others to their purpose in life. While on this path I can assist with the many questions that arise while on your journey. I also help you with your concerns about family, relationships, finances and career.

Call for an appointment.
Cheryle Lichtenberger
Cheryle Lichtenberger

Energy Health Coach
Naperville, Illinois
United States
630 904 8210

Cheryle is an Energy Health Coach specializing in helping individuals achieve Empowered Health and Well-Being by utilizing three powerful energy healing modalites.

As a Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner, Certified EFT Practitioner, and a Reiki Master, Cheryle helps her clients experience relief from physical, mental and emotional stressors that are getting in the way of living a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

Contact Cheryle for more information or visit her website at She is available for both in-person and distance healing sessions.