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Please see below for a Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor in your area. Course Credit for the Live Basic QT Workshop is only available through the following instructors who have met the certification requirements and official approval through Quantum-Touch, Inc.

Mary Ellen Finch

San Jose, California
United States

Mary Ellen Finch is an LVN and a minister
Dr. Julia Lewis

San Jose, California
United States

Dr. Julia Lewis, D.C. is a Chiropractor who is committed to a holistic approach. She specializes in energetic techniques that resolve the underlying causes for emotional upsets, hormonal imbalances, allergies, arthritis, asthma, COPD, autoimmune conditions, chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia and more.

She has trained nationally and internationally with experts and pioneers in the field of healing. Dr. Julia has a gifted ability to sense the energetic blockages associated with unwanted symptoms and to powerfully shift them using Quantum Touch to magnify any other effective technique she has learned. She helps patients to regain the quality of their life with the method that is right for them.

She is available for phone appointments.

Dr. Julia is certified or has trained in the following:
Practitioner and Instructor - Quantum Touch„¥
Practitioner - NAET allergy elimination
Master Practitioner ¡V BRT to restore hormonal function
Certified Practitioner- Neurofeedback using Neuropathways equipment developed by
Pioneer brain researcher and developer Margaret Ayers in Beverly Hills, CA
Certified Practitioner ¡V Theta Healing: Core Belief Repatterning
Completed 3 week Intensive Intuitive Anatomy course with Vianna Stibal to expand
her intuitive abilities
Qualified Teacher 2002 & 2003
Certified Practitioner ¡V NeuroKinesiology
Certified Practioner - Light Beam Generator ¡V lymphatic detoxification
Trained in:
Matrix Repatterning ¡V Gentle Chiropractic adjustive technique
DNFT - Gentle Chiropractic adjustive technique
Kaufman Technique - Gentle Chiropractic adjustive technique
Metabolic NAET with Pat Omiecinski
JMT ¡V Specializing in how pathogens affect the body
Yuen Method
350+ hours in post-graduate Chiropractic Neurology

Ruth M. Flores Silva

San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico
United States
(787) 477-7417

Ruth holds B.A Spanish and M.A Ed Also, is certified in Reflexology, Vedic Sciences and Tachyon Holistic Wellness. Since she was a little girl, she is interested in the healing arts.  Now, healing is her passion. She is practing Quantum-Touch since 2007, and the testimonials are the best evidence of the QT healing process. Her goal is to share her knowledge with the communities of the Planet. Her long term vision is oneness and wellness for all, and Love, Peace and Light on Earth.

Ruth is available by appointment for Healing Sessions and Distance. Please call or email for more information or for an appointment.

Debra Perkinson

Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner / Instructor
San Luis Obispo, California
United States

Colleen Hom Rocero

Certified QT Practitioner
San Luis Obispo, California
United States

Maryanna K. Fitzgerald

P.O. Box 264
San Luis Obispo, California 93406
United States
(805) 235-2380

Quantum-Touch Certified Practitioner
Energetics Facilitator
Energy Balancing and Energetic Facilitation
Genevieve M. Fewell

San Luis Obispo, California 93401
United States
The Q-T Spot

I am a Philadelphia native who moved to San Luis Obispo in 2005 and I love living here very much.  I work as an administrative assistant for San Luis Obispo County, a teaching assistant for Microbiology at Cuesta College, I clean houses for local residents, and I provide energy healing sessions for clients, family, and friends.

I am very interested in becoming a holistic nurse and have applied to nursing school at Cuesta College.  I believe that both traditional and alternative therapies can be used synergistically to provide a wonderful, healthy life.
Kimberly Galloway

Santa Barbara, California
United States

Alisa Doomanis

Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner
Santa Clarita, California
United States

In addition to being a Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner, Alisa has been involved with almost every aspect in the natural health industry for more than 23 years. Energy work is simply, a natural extension of those ideals and practices.

Alisa is a naturally intuitive person; she uses her perceptions to select specific techniques best suited to her clients so that they may achieve maximum results.

While Alisa is versed in many modalities, her work focuses around Quantum Touch. This is where she sees the most wonderful results for her clients.

Alisa is available by appointment for people and pets throughout the Santa Clarita Valley as well as the greater Los Angeles area. Distant sessions are also available everywhere else.

Gordon Gazeley
Gordon Gazeley

Santa Cruz, California
United States
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner 

"The integration of quantum physics with spirituality to create an elegant and efficient approach to healing and wholeness" 

Hands-on and Distant Healing Available
John O'Neill
John O'Neill

Santa Cruz, California
United States
I come out of a yoga background, having used breath and meditation techniques for almost 30 years so practicing QT and CT has been a natural extension of these practices.  Since I started with QT, I have come to use sound healing along with QT/CT and often combine these in my healing sessions.  I find that I prefer to do long sessions of at least one hour in my practice as the longer I run the energy, the deeper I go.
Eliza Twichell
Eliza Twichell

Quantum And Therapeutic Touch practitioner
Higo Desértico Therapeutic Touch
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
United States

Quantum-Touch, Therapeutic Touch
The first step towards a healthy existence is getting to know yourself well, befriend yourself, and find peace. My intention is to create a supportive environment where that can happen, and healing can occur. 
Rev. AdaRA L. Walton, ND., PhD
Rev. AdaRA L. Walton, ND., PhD

Founder - HeartBridge Wellness, L.L.C.
98 Canada Del Rancho
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508-1306
United States
HeartBridge Wellness, L.L.C.
505-954-1503 and

Rev. AdaRA L. Walton, ND., PhD is an ordained Reverend, Doctor of Naturopathy, Bio-Energy Kinesiologist, certified Attractor Field Technique Practitioner, Heart & Soul Practitioner, Reiki/Amanohuna Master-teacher, shaman and certified Quantum-Touch Instructor with a PhD in Natural Health.  She has studied and worked with the human energy fields for the past 23 years using Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, color, sound and light in her dynamic healing practice called HeartBridge Wellness, L.L.C.  Educating the clients in self-healing is the foundation of her healing practice as the body unlocks its truth. 

Rev. Walton completed her PhD dissertation in Quantum-Touch and is also author of the book, Every Body’s Truth: Muscle Testing for the Masses. Rev. AdaRA’s integrative healing practice is open to adults and children. More information can be found on Rev. Walton’s website at


Thomas Miller

Santa Rosa, California
United States

Mary Cumisky, MSN, RN

Quantum Touch Practitioner
Sarasota, Florida
United States
I AM Healing Arts Center
941 723 0274

Mary practices in Sarasota, Florida at the I AM Healing Arts Center.  She does Past Life Regression and is a certified Quantum Touch Practitioner. 

Mary has been involved in the Healing Arts for 30 years.


I AM Healing Arts Center

1918 Robinhood St.

Sarasota Florida, 34231

941 927 6797

Joni Luckenbill
Joni Luckenbill

Lightworker-Energy Practitioner/ Level 1 Instructor
3945 Breck Lane
Sarasota, Florida 34232-3705
United States

 Healing throughout the Human Energy Field with Lightworker Joni Luckenbill

The goal of Healing Touch is to promote self-healing by restoring balance and harmony in the human energy system. If we can create movement of energy, we can co-create healing. Reiki- a wonderful touch therapy that helps on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels - assists us in developing personally. Medical Intuition, Advanced Quantum Healing, and Energetic Clearing complements and enhances Allopathic Medicine. This allows the healer access to the causative sources of illness. We will detoxify the mental, energetic, emotional, and physical body.  Quantum Touch,  the heart and essence of running energy,  is giving Love. With QT we consciously raise our vibration and channel the energy of Love to facilitate healing for others. This is usually demonstrated physically, where the dis-ease is cleared out or brought into conscious awareness for further evaluation. QT provides an easy entry point to come back to the soul place within; thus it becomes a healing to you. The " healer," as always, is the one who was sick and got well. 

Energy is Balance

Balance is Healing

Beyond structural realignment, pain and inflammation are quickly reduced, while organs, systems and glands become balanced. 

The act of receiving and giving is truly a blessing to us all. 

Joni has been an America Registered Radiologic Technologist for the past 38 years working in hospitals. She has had a Free Healing Touch Clinic once a month for the past 11 years in Sarasota, Florida.

Joni is available by appointment only in home, office, hospital, or long distant healing. Please call 941-724-3913

Instructor for Level 1 Quantum-Touch Workshops available  

CNE Provider for nurses (Level1workshop)- minimum 35 calendar day notice required prior to workshop per AHNA guidelines. 


Suzanne H. Platt

Saratoga Springs, Utah
United States
801 368 2932

Suzanne A.
Suzanne A.

Certified QT Instructor/Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master/Instr
Saugerties, New York 12477
United States

Suzanne became aware of her spirituality and healing abilities at the age of 12, when she participated in a weekend retreat called Mind Dynamics® . The retreat was a very moving and spiritual awakening for Suzanne, however, she never realized it would lead her to where she is today.      

For more than 30 years, Suzanne has studied many healing modalities, such as Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET), Quantum-Touch® (QT), Mind Dynamics, Therapeutic Touch, Touch for Healing, and many more.        

Suzanne is a certified Quantum-Touch Instructor, an IET Master/Instructor, and Reiki Master. She teaches Basic Quantum-Touch Workshops, all three levels of Reiki, and Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of IET. Suzanne also offers private Reiki, IET, and QT healing sessions.    

Suzanne is the founder of The Healing Energy Center   located in Saugerties, NY, where she offers classes, workshops, private sessions, QT Healing Circles, and Healing Energy Shares for those interested in participating and practicing different universal life energy healing modalities.        

Suzanne is an ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church.
Cynthia Anderson, RN
Cynthia Anderson, RN

Sauk City, Wisconsin
United States

I've been a registered nurse since 1982, and a surgical nurse the past 17 years.  March 13, 2006 my stepson was a Marine killed in Afghanistan.  It sent me into a deep depression.  At the bottom I sought help.  One of the things I started was body work with a wonderful massage therapist.  I'd never had one before.  During the first session I had an experience I couldn't explain.  I felt a column of brilliant white light enter my body when she had her hand on my heart.  It flowed with peace and healing.  I didn't know anything about energy, chakras or that sort of healing.  I began to learn.  I feel I have come full circle with Quantum Touch.  What a blessing to have found a way to continue my healing while assisting others to find theirs as well.  I've worked with lots of conditions, but have a special interest in helping others with grief and depression to find their place of peace, joy and healing within.
Manida White
Manida White

Aura & Biopulsar Analyst
Wellness Consultant
2 Overhill Road, Suite 400
Scarsdale, New York 10583
United States
Office: +1 (914) 618-4171
Mobile: +1 (951) 514-6089

Manida White offers individual Aura & Biopulsar consultation, to assist her clients in achieving their optimum: Health, Prosperity, Family Relationship, Personal Relationship, Joy, and Inner Peace. She empowers her clients to co-create the wellness and conducts classes at her office in New York, as well as on location in North America and Asia-Pacific.

Based on the premise that, our well-being is affected by three significant energy fields; our own Aura/Biofield energy, the cosmic/galactic energy, and the environmental electro-magnetic fields; Manida employs the following:

     1. Biopulsar-Reflexograph Imaging system - to analyze the Biofield energy, the seven main energy centers (chakras), and 43 organs vibrational frequencies.

     2. Nine Star Ki, an ancient wisdom of the cosmic energy - to understand clients' way of being, stress management, and the soul energy matrix.

     3. Classical Feng Shui, an ancient art and science - to analyze the Life Force energy (Chi/Ki, Prana) in and around clients' dwellings according to the traditional compass method (Luo Pan) and the Xuan Kong (mathematical system of the Yi-Jing).

Manida was born in Thailand. She had attended the Thai Red Cross College of Nursing at the Chulalongkorn Hospital for two years, prior to obtaining a B.Sc. degree in Health Care Management from the University of La Verne in California. She is a Certified Biopulsar Analyst & Instructor, Classical Feng Shui Practitioner, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Licensed Vocational Nurse (California), and Quantum-Touch Instructor. She has 30 years experience in the field of health care including; medical clinics, acute care hospitals, home care, complementary & integrative healthcare, and holistic spas.