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592 Sheppard W, Suite 524
North York (Toronto)
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Energy has always held a fascination for me in how it moves though out our lives, surroundings and connects us all.  Quantum-Touch provides an entry level for anyone who wants to heal or be healed and at the same time the means for energy/light workers to move themselves to higher levels of ability and awareness they haven't yet achieved or dreamed of. 
Quantum-Touch could be considered the 101 course entry way to the "Rabbit Hole".  It will take you to the entrance - it is up to you how far you want to go. It is not the only energy healing modality out there, yet it is a simple fast way to facilitate change.  Richard Gordon has shared with us his knowledge, research, passion, beliefs and his skill in knowing how to simplify what was previously complex. He has done it in a way that touches people hearts and vibrates their longings. This work of the heart is powerful.  The techniques help us move into allowing which sets the resonance for us to move into power, health, joy, gratitude, passion and love.  We connect with source energy in the state of grace, universal love and oneness.  

Namaste - All My Relations

- Kathy

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Kathy is the President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers   

Some of the known Healing Techniques she is currently working with are Dowsing, Tong Ren, Assemblage Point, Colour Light Therapy, Access Consciousness, Axiatonal Alignment, BioGenesis, Reiki, Therapeutic-Touch, Focus Therapy, White Lotus Healing, Psychic Surgery, Hoʻoponopono, Intuitive Guidance, Chakras, and Quantum-Touch. 

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