Self Created Health

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My Most Important Workshop

It has taken me 29 years to develop this seminar. Based on my own insights and the work of many great people, I managed to piece together a highly effective system for discovering, releasing, and transforming emotional causation into love, gratitude and beyond.

- Richard Gordon
Founder of Quantum-Touch

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CE Hours Available for Massage Therapists

Quantum-Touch is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. The Self Created Health Quantum-Touch Workshop is valued at 13 CE Hours.

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CE Hours Available for Hypnotherapists

The Self Created Health Quantum-Touch Workshop is valued at 12 CE Units by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA).

The Initial Discovery

I woke up one morning in 1980 with severe flu symptoms: Deep chest cough, fever, sore throat, aching bones and a splitting headache. My initial thought was that Id be sick for at least a week and probably longer.

A few weeks earlier, a teacher I had been working with suggested that all illness in one form or another was a result of various repressed emotions. So I got out of bed, sat with a piece of paper and decided to look for what I might be upset about. For the first ten minutes I looked everywhere to find an emotional issue but nothing seemed to resonate. Then I suddenly remembered that I had felt very humiliated by someones comment. So I let myself get angry, cry and release the intensity for about 10 minutes.

Feeling somewhat better I got dressed and drove downtown and sat in the sun having a cup of coffee when it suddenly dawned on me that I had been sick that morning. All my flu symptoms were completely gone!

By 1983 I had figured out a system for discovering emotional causation that involved using a series of carefully designed questions that are able to rapidly target the emotional cause of illness. I found that it works well over 90% of the time, but here is the amazing part¦ When people release the emotions of that condition, not only do symptoms go away, but people actually may feel grateful for having had the condition. The body has the ability to create symptoms to mirror emotions that we are not expressing. This is not as a dysfunction, but as a way to show us how we have stopped loving.

I realized that I had come across something quite remarkable, yet it was not ready to be published or released. I was not able to use it on myself often enough or effectively enough to feel good about sharing it. In other words, the system was incomplete.

It has taken me another 25 years till half way through 2009 to feel that I have a complete and coherent system that is easily learned and powerful enough to put my name on. Until I could exemplify the work and effectively teach it, it was not ready to be shared.

The Development of a System

I had been aware of wonderful work of Lazaris, Abraham, Byron Katy, Ho'oponopono, NLP, EFT, and other systems, yet each felt valuable and incomplete, or placed at the wrong part of a process. Somehow I was able to alter and rearrange the pieces into an effective and viable system that truly works.

If there is one thing I seem to be able to do is to make processes extremely easy to understand and to use going from discovery, to release, to the insight of responsibility, to remorse, forgiveness, self love and then our unlimited nature.

Our love goes deeper than we can know, but our hurt, wounding and anger is also deeper than we want to feel. If we can heal the old wounds, the treasures of our beauty and wonder of our being can be accessed.

We dont really walk away from our past. Although some teachers suggest various forms of emotional bypass therapy where you think happy thoughts, pet the cat, affirm, or manipulate your internal symbols¦ the bottom line is that the deeper parts are not satisfied or transformed. Imagine a terrible movie where a father mistreats his son. The son grows up in tremendous pain then moves out, goes to college, gets a great job, marries, has kids and is a great dad. This is a deeply unsatisfying story because there was no resolution. We want resolution in our own lives.

I sincerely believe that this is the most important thing Ive discovered and have yet to present: Self-Created Health. When you do the process well, I can tell you from personal experience that it is possible to know a level of self-love as great as any love I have ever experienced. We will truly go from physical and emotional distress and suffering, into profound forgiveness, love and a discovery of our infinite loving nature.

There are those who would say that Im blaming the victim, but I would say that when you take back your power, that you can fully become yourself.

Please note that Quantum-Touch Level 1 is a required pre-requisite before attendance at the Quantum-Touch Self Created Health Workshop.

What People are Saying about Self Created Health...

I can relate completely why Richard calls this his most important workshop. Richard, with Self Created Health, gives us an complete system that covers everything. Every step needed to get from an physical discomfort or illness and use it as a gateway to open up to your Infinite Being. I know the world is ready for unconditional Love and Oneness. Together with sharing other profound insights, this workshop is such a blessing for everbody who is ready.

-Vanessa Schansman
The Netherlands / Boston MA

I am blown away by the amount of information that I received in this workshop that I can immediately apply, and that Ill take with me to grow through after this workshop. The process of emotional work that we did here has already powerfully shifted my reality, and I cant wait to experience what all lies ahead. This is powerful, transformative, intelligent work that shows us how much more we are than what we think of ourselves as being.

-K.T. Sanborn

Self Created Health is a tremendous breakthrough, and is the key to unlocking lasting health in the body, mind and spirit. The processes are so helpful, I'm continuing to use the techniques and already in a couple days achieving breakthroughs in my life I've been working on for years.


I attended Richard's remarkable workshop called "Self Created Health". The process he teaches has the potential to help thousands of people. It provided me with the missing piece of the puzzle to getting well and changing stuck patterns of behavior. I would call it "A Journey To Wholeness" workshop.

The process he teaches is simple, safe and when mastered can be used to help others. For me the premise that the body has the ability to get sick, not as a dysfunction, but as communication from our Higher Self proved to be true for me. In the process of doing the work I discovered that as a child I made a decision that if I didn't change I was going to continue my downward spiral of deteriorating health. I have been on the Self Help Path for years, have had significant amount of psychotherapy and have found answers and have improved the quality of my life. I was surprised and pleased when I found another, probably the most important early childhood decision that has limited me all my life. Continuing the process I went through steps that transformed my problem into forgiveness to the gift of Self Love. I know of no other system that can do that. I highly recommend this workshop for those that are ready.

- Catherine Sellek

Richard Gordons Self Created health seminar is a treasure trove of information and the missing piece of the puzzle I needed to help my clients in the healing and recovery process. Thanks Richard!

- Martin Trent
Topanga, CA

Richards Self Created Health class is one of magical creation. These are magical recipes, if you will, to help you create your life; to help you know and be able to visualize where you want to go, how you want to attain that goal and all the spices and ingredients necessary to attain a wonderful, happy, joyful and fulfilling life.

-Bob Ranph
Pacific Palisades, CA

The Self Created Health workshop was full of information. It gave me a clear path to transforming pain into joy. There was lots of practical processes. Richard was like an overflowing well of insight into healing pain and filling the space created into joy. I highly recommend it to all.

-Kirk Nelson
Santa Monica, CA

Richards class on Self-Created Health gave excellent insight into how our emotions and patterns created the script by which we live our lives. His box of tools has taught me simple and easy to understand techniques to identify my own causation and stories, and how to apply these tools to quickly reverse their effect and replace my behaviors with ones that will create a script I want to live. Very useful, very efficient and completely practical.

Thank you!

-Ivana Siska
Hollywood, CA

Richard offered fresh insights in his Self Created Health workshop that allowed for monumental shifts in understand of how we perceive ourselves and others within the realities we create. With this shift came a breakthrough in dissolving past patterns and old behaviors in order to create extra ordinary and prolific new beginnings. A true resource and ultimate blessing to rejuvenate the soul. This course is for those ready to awaken into further growth.

-Cary Herrmman,
Los Angeles, CA

Prices do not include tax. For Pre-Registered Pricing, please register 21 or more calendar days before workshop.
Country Pre-Registration Rate Registration Price
Australia $522 United States Dollars
Austria 420 Euros
Brazil 980 Brazil Reals (BRL) 
Canada 450 Canadian Dollars (CAD) 
China 4440 China Yuan Renminbi (CNY)
China (Effective November 1, 2015)4000 China Yuan Renminbi (CNY)4440 (CNY)
France 420 Euros
Germany 420 Euros
Hong Kong 3500 Hong Kong Dollars (HKD)
Hong Kong (Effective November 1, 20153500 Hong Kong Dollars (HKD)3900 HKD
Israel $425 United States Dollars
Japan 72,000 Yen
Netherlands 420 Euros
Switzerland 420 Euros
United States $450 United States Dollars
United Kingdom $595 United States Dollars
Teleseminar $350 United States Dollars

Self Created Health Discount Policy

  • 50% discount off registration price available for children 18 years and under. All children 18 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • 20% discount off registration price available when repeating the Self Created Health class. To receive the discount, students must provide a copy of a Certificate of Completion from a Self Created Health Workshop taught by a certified QT instructor. The copy of the certificate must be provided by the beginning of the workshop for which the 20% discount applies.

Quantum-Touch Self Created Health Refund Policy

To keep our workshop fees as low as possible, it is important that each workshop is near capacity. Thus we have instituted the following policies for cancellations:

  • Registrations cancelled greater than 10 business days prior to a workshop, student will receive a refund of tuition fees paid, minus a $50.00 USD Administrative Fee.
  • Registrations cancelled between 5 and 10 business days prior to a workshop, student will receive a 50% refund of tuition fees paid, minus a $50.00 USD administrative fee.
  • Registrations cancelled 4 business days or less before the workshop, or if a student does not attend, will not receive a refund.
  • There is a $50 USD fee for Students wishing to transfer their registration from one workshop to another.

No refund requests will be honored post-workshop.

Quantum-Touch, Inc. reserves the right to cancel workshops based upon low enrollment, illness, emergency, weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. If Quantum-Touch, Inc. cancels the workshop, students will receive a refund of all tuition fees paid. Please do not purchase non-refundable airline tickets or make non-refundable deposits on lodging. Quantum-Touch, Inc. is not responsible for any fees outside of workshop registrations.