QT Applications include contributions from Quantum Touch instructors and users including the ways in which they have seen Quantum-Touch techniques make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. Click the More>> links to view the entire article and check back often for the most up to date releases.

Quantum-Touch seemlessly combines with Reiki to improve the outcome of your sessions.

If you like Acupuncture or Acupressure why should you get to know Quantum-Touch?

From the first day I took the Interactive Video course, I was indeed able to move the pelvic and sacral bones of a person standing, with only a light touch on their iliac crests.

Chronic conditions respond more quickly when combining Quantum-Touch with Reflexology.

CS Therapists work on the bones of the cranium in certain situations. By enhancing the work with Quantum-Touch, the bones may move quicker if they are ready to release.

Nine in ten physicians recommend non-drug pain management techniques.

Your Love Matters: Animals Respond to Quantum-Touch

Quantum-Touch and Childbirth

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Don't put up with a an unfulfilling job! How to manifest a soul centered and financially abundant practice.

Using Quantum-Touch to Reverse Diabetes

People have been recharging dead batteries from cars, cell phones, cameras, and other devices. Perhaps our unlimited spiritual nature will express itself in more and more ways which remind us that we don’t know our limits...

Quantum-Touch is effective in improving ADD and ADHD

Amplifying the Energy of the Chakras

The Effect of Quantum-Touch on Sports Injuries by Richard Gordon

Achieving Greater States of Well-being and Happiness

Effectiveness of Quantum-Touch Core and Basic Techniques on Frozen Shoulder

Quantum-Touch allows practitioners to easily attain a deep energy very similar to Qigong without any side effects, other than actually feeling better after offering a treatment.

Research on Quantum-Touch and Athletic Performance

Extraordinary Burn Relief!

I did a research project on fibromyalgia and Quantum-Touch. I put out ads for 10 people who were suffering from Fibromyalgia. I would treat them 1 time per week for 60 minutes.

A diet that consists of a high percentage of raw food has a high content of life-force energy.