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 Self Created Health Replaces Oxygen Therapy

Self Created Health Therapy

Quantum-Touch is known for its simple, effective techniques that empower people and change their lives. Sometimes, it almost seems too simple to really grasp its profundity...until you actually apply the work. Only then, do you experience the true depth and power of these healing techniques!

This letter was written to Karina Grant, by one of her students who attended the Self Created Health workshop. This is truly groundbreaking work...

Im an old hand at complementary therapies and gained healing from each and every one of them “ from Art Therapy as an evening class at the local school at age 28 to Self Created Health six weeks ago at age 61. Ive even gone through the training in some and worked as a therapist for a while.

At first glance some of the techniques in Self Created Health seemed very familiar. I was very skeptical but I was there, Id paid my fee (Im an Aberdonian!) and so I decided to throw myself into it. Well, I have to tell you this is something very special!

Is it the combination of techniques? The tweaks? The order? The teacher? My classmates? I dont know and as I continue to heal Im beginning to accept I dont have to try to understand and control everything.

My ˜story: Age 29 I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis because of unsightly lumps on my legs. Symptoms including fatigue and respiratory problems fluctuated over the years and eventually three years ago (age 58) I had to start oxygen therapy.

By the time my dear friend pointed me in the direction of SCH I was totally dependent on oxygen 24 hours a day and I pulled it behind me in a trolley when I went out. I literally arrived with my baggage! (But of course I wasnt aware of that on a conscious level at the time)

I walked in guilt ridden (in a twisted way that made me a ˜good person in my eyes) In the safe space created by Karina and my class mates I was guided to recognize that guilt was really anger that I had felt unsafe to express or even acknowledge to myself. Then I was given the tools to release that anger, work through the process and find peace.

I came to realize that ˜my illness was my badge of honor, my security, my emotional crutch and a very handy tool for manipulating those around me or at least trying to. I had been using illness to punish myself and others. I walked out a free person with choices and optimism and can look back at my old self with love, acceptance and compassion.

The emotional changes are deepening and strengthening. I am continuing to work on myself and when I catch myself in an old pattern or responding according to an old belief I know that here is an opportunity to dive in again. I am feeling physically stronger and my breathing is more comfortable. Im not using oxygen as a matter of course now “ I monitor when I really need it. I found myself at my car the other day having forgotten all about it! Walking around my home unrestricted by tubes is such a joy.

Thank you Karina.

Love and Light

PS Ive had comments from a variety of people who didnt know that Id been on the course:
What have you been up to? You look taller!
Youre looking 10 years younger!
What have you been taking and where can I get some?
Theres something different “ have you changed your hair?
Wheres your oxygen?

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