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Quantum-Touch: Do What Makes Your Heart Sing

I am getting better at doing things where I feel my happiest. Honestly, it has felt to be a lot harder than it sounds.  For sake of illustration, I will remain on this perspective. That is, the cliché, do what makes your heart sing, fulfills you, and makes you happy , etc... when I go to do that intention, I have felt quite the energetic yanking. In the professional environment, it does not show up because I am already living the joy of being a practitioner and I flow with it. It is when I step out of the professional and into the personal that things creep up. I realized there is still so much stigma around the idea of extending ourselves to others.  There seem to be many areas in society that this school of thought is maintained in a silent manner. Thank goodness for the international QT community online. So,...

When I visit my mom and dad, both in their seventies, my mom receives sessions from me mostly (my father keeps finding reasons why I do not need to do any healing session for him because according to him I should not go over to do more work; so, I send love the Quantum Touch way!). My mother and I have built up, evolved and deepened our relationship so much more since I get to do this. We have done so from so many different angles and variations of using Quantum Touch for different issues. (I had become a Thai-Yoga massage practitioner so as to massage my parents as they age. It was my beginning to fulfill my happiness wish.) The point is that I have continued to follow through on my love for sharing this with all of my family where appropriate. I feel this is normal for me and downright fun. What a way to enhance family relationships! I do so for no reason. Someone does not need to be suffering to receive healing. I must admit that if I mention this outside of that environment, I get mixed reactions from people. I had learned to be selective about what I reveal. It has surprised me that some people actually feel put off when they hear about such sharing and write me off as too generous. Not normal. The classic is you must be so tired.

When it comes to gift giving, I do not really. What I do instead, is give Thai-massage, or quantum healing instead of items from the store. I relish this feeling and so do the people, family and friends, on the receiving end. You guessed it! Anyone outside of that environment, does label this as too generous and that it must be very tiring. I have learned to not reveal my happy experiences as I could do without the chatter comes with it. It is a simply choice. This choice allows me to buoyantly go through life sometimes educating others, or disconnecting from judgment and conserving my energy.

Other instances have been where I have addressed issues for colleagues in my work environment on the spot. The individual, who has benefited from receiving Quantum Touch, or even a ten-minute stretch in a chair, has been grateful and thrilled with physical relief, while other colleagues have commented not so much, in a positive manner. I was once even told by one massage therapist, that they only massage for money. I was actually judged for relieving a colleagues pain informally. Being responsive and conscientious in my work environment.... becomes political and viewed by some as a weakness.

Recently, I was coming home from a two-hour intensive walk through the Montreal city after finishing an appointment. It was a gift to myself to accomplish this walk and it was demanding towards the end. Ten minutes before arriving home, a car accident occurred just behind me. I turned right around and stepped in to make sure both parties were alright. To helping others shorten the story, my intervention purposefully prevented intimidation to escalate neutralizing everyone until authorities arrived. I ended up running energy into one of the victims as I was supporting her standing (with one hand in her back casually). She was definitely in shock and my intention was to provide grounding and run energy. It worked. I noticed that when there needed to be distance between us when the authorities needed to do their job, she started slipping into more shock symptoms and crying as well. I had encouraged her to go follow-through at the hospital and was staying with her until hers daughters arrived. After my role was completed with her, I did go back out of the ambulance and see how the other lady was doing. She did have an ongoing pain in the back of her head and was resistant to being checked at the hospital. I gave her my regards and encouraged her one more time.  In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that although it is the most natural behavior for me anywhere I go, the ambulance technician and police officers both seemed to resonate with a sense of awkward suspicion as though it was not understood as to what my motives were. Being conscious and emotionally available for others in times of crisis is not always believable for some.

I cannot begin to express how awkward it feels when human beings react to someone offering compassion, or help and treat that as a weakness, or abnormality.

The wake-up call I have experienced is that if I want to continue to grow the expression of my healing skills, gifts, or abilities that it would serve me well to be selective as to where and how I do so. It is not a nourishing feeling to feel peoples' mistrust and be blind-sided by such reactions because I do not really expect it. For the preservation of my well-being as a practitioner, continuing to set my own boundaries, it is still more necessary than ever. I admit that I have allowed myself to wonder if there was something wrong with me to being naturally helpful. This self-doubt of my expression is truly damaging and risks putting back into old patterns of hiding my capacities when left unchecked. It is not a question of being strong, or being able to turn the other cheek. Perhaps being conscious and compassionate towards the ones judging me may be a solution. On the other hand, I have also learned to stop the need to justify why others think the way they do. I feel I am looking for neutrality and being able to thrive with what truly makes me happy.

I wonder what other responses Quantum-Touch participants create within themselves when, or if, having noticed this trend in attitude from people looking at the go-getters of spirituality and energy healing.

Up until now, I am deciding to put my attention on that one person I am being present for in the moment and deleting the rest. I am continuing to dedicate energy towards clearing the mental and emotional clutter that comes up in these instances. So be it.

Here's the best part, since learning Quantum level II, I get to send energy from a distance, contribute from my heart and not get so hung up with being noticed. What a fun skill to practice.

By Anna-Maria Marta
Quantum-Touch Practitioner
Montreal, Quebec, Canada