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 Quantum-Touch does it again! All Signs Of Cancer Gone

Hi everyone, I've just had a minor (or even major) miracle happen I want to share. I had my five yearly check-up for ovarian/uterine cancers yesterday - they measure a 'cancer marker' to see how you're doing. Although my readings have always been very low, they've never been normal throughout the whole of the last five years (even though I had two ops that removed all the cancer, plus chemotherapy, ugh! Luckily neither cancer was far advanced.)

Still, last check-up they said my blood count was acceptable, but not normal, which rather worried me. I've wanted to just forget about it all and focus on feeling good for quite a while now! That's hard when you have to have needles stuck in your arm, and then wait around to see a doctor for ages...

Yesterday, the consultant looked really pleased and excited, and told me I'm cured! My blood count is absolutely normal, no sign I've ever had cancer. I have a feeling this isn't something he gets to say very often! Last visit I'd been told I'd probably be on yearly check-ups for the rest of my life, which was a bit depressing. The only thing I've done different since is lots of sweeping and breathing and what I love most! Now, blood count normal, I'm free!! Hooray!!

So thanks Richard, for teaching me Quantum-Touch!

As far as I'm concerned this is my dearest wish granted. Now I can focus on health and wellbeing ALL the time!

So keep sweeping, breathing and loving everyone - it can work miracles!
Love Jane