The New Marketing Trend for Coaches and Healers

Deep down, most coaches and healers dont really want to build their practices. They wish their clients would just show up. They wish they could just provide their services without having to sell those services.

Not because these professionals are lazy. Or unworthy.

But because of a profound inner conflict. A conflict between their feeling that selling means taking while their services are about giving.

This conflict isnt irrational. Its the natural result of growing up in a culture driven by mass marketing. Think about it. When you open your mailbox, what do you get? Unwanted advertising. When you turn on your TV? Unwanted advertising. Receive a call from a telemarketer during dinner? Unwanted advertising.

As Quantum-Touch healers, we may feel that selling means taking, because mass marketing is based on interrupting people. Its based on taking your attention away from what you care about, and redirecting it to something the marketer cares about. Its based on a subtle but persistent form of violence.

This leaves most coaches and healers feeling like theyre caught between a rock and a hard place. Either they embrace mass marketing as a necessary evil, or else they suffer along without a lot of money or clients. Either they build a business based on taking or else they sacrifice themselves for their calling. Because of this, service providers in general struggle. 80% of all coaches and healers make less than $20,000 a year. It takes the average therapist five years to build a practice making at least $50K a year after getting their license. And 95% of new businesses fail within five years or else limp along as a continual drain on the founders time and energy.

But heres the thing. Mass marketing is dying.
Interruption based marketing is being replaced by permission based marketing. Indiscriminate advertising is being replaced by web of trust marketing. And selling by taking is being replaced by Selling By Giving. In the words of Seth Godin, mass marketing is being replaced by people who are willing to lead a tribe.

This isnt just pie in the sky. The most successful company in the Internet is based on permission based marketing. Google grossed over $21 billion last year, serving us with advertisements we want to see, when we want to see them. In contrast, newspapers who built their businesses on interruption based marketing are dying out, even though they provide a crucially valuable service.

If you feel that selling means taking, it doesnt matter how pretty your web site is, how many marketing consultants you hire, or how good your services are. Youre still going to feel like you have to choose between selling out - or not selling at all. Youre still going to feel like you have to pick between creating a business that creates money or meaning. (Besides, it turns out that mass marketing never really worked for service professionals anyway.)

But it doesnt have to be that way. Instead, wed love for you to come join the movement of service providers, coaches, and healers who are pioneering a new, more loving, more successful way of doing business. Its called, Selling by Giving, and its proving to be a success for hundreds of practice builders. Simply sign up for the $100 practice building kit for FREE to get started and join the Selling by Giving movement.

Written by Brian Whetten, Ph. D., M.A.
Executive Coach to Jennifer Taylor of Quantum-Touch

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    The Selling by Giving Free Practice Building kit includes includes a set of handouts and exercises, an E-book, and 2 CDs for download, a subscription to our E-coaching service, and access to one of the upcoming Selling By Giving introductory telelclasses.

  • Three Month Homestudy Program

    The Selling by Giving Homestudy Program includes the complete, 210 page, full-color 8 module course manual, 12 CDs covering all 8 modules, private access to the Selling By Giving class resources page, a system showing you how to create your own Web Of Trust Marketing Program, and more...

I believe that if we can support people in building successful careers as lightworkers, we can create more credibility for the healing community and ultimately more momentum supporting lightwork on the planet.

Case Study by Mike Love
Quantum-Touch Practitioner and Instructor

"I was introduced to Quantum-Touch a little over 5 years ago at a New Age Expo in Winston-Salem, NC. I was immediately drawn by its elegant simplicity and efficacy. At the time I owned a retail based wellness center so I decided to take the basic course. Things havent been the same since. Quantum-Touch was the first energy healing modality that I learned and it opened me up to an entirely new world. I took all the courses that were offered at the time and progressed from certified practitioner to certified instructor. I also developed an interest in energy psychology during the same time and became a facilitator of one of the leading energy psychology modalities.

I let go of the retail aspect of the wellness center a short time later and focused solely on alternative healing. I didnt experience the success I had hoped for. I just wasnt able to make a living. I was very excited when I received a packet in the mail one day from Quantum-Touch which included an audio CD entitled Selling by Giving. After listening to the CD, I was extremely interested in the program. The entire approach resonated with me.

I have been in the business world for many years and most recently Ive been in business for myself. I thought I knew all about selling and marketing and customer service. The simple truth is that while I understood these business basics, I didnt understand how to effectively use them when it came to my own healing business. I didnt understand how to market and sell my services. After discussing my situation with Brian on the phone, I decided to enroll in the 6 month course.

The results have exceeded my expectations. I have totally rebuilt my practice. I remember the first time I heard Brian say, Instead of taking from a potential client, become their advocate . That made so much sense to me. When I began to see myself as their advocate, the energy around enrolling new clients totally shifted. Seeing myself as their advocate, I developed a new Wellness Assessment concept which I use to define wellness goals with all potential new clients. I now see myself as a Wellness Coach and I can tell you in less than a minute what it is that I do.

Most importantly, Ive found a confidence in myself. A confidence to be able to help anyone who comes to see me. I no longer see myself as the sole source solution provider. Once the client and I have agreed on the clients wellness goals, we then decide how best to achieve those goals. If they decide to ask someone else to help them then that is fine. I have at least helped them get clarity in what their goals are and how they can achieve them.

Some people say the proof is in the pudding. So what have the results been? The pudding tastes very good. I love what I do. Im receiving referrals from existing clients, Im building a backlog of client appointments, and Im making more money now than I ever have with my Wellness Coaching practice. I still have a ways to go until I reach that 6 figure goal, but Im confident I can achieve it with continued support from Brian. Whats been the best part of my experience in working with Brian? The other members of the group, and the Selling by Giving course. And the Success! I highly recommend this course to all who want to successfully follow their dream careers."

~ Mike Love
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner and Instructor