Quantum-Touch Accelerates Healing With Chronic Back Pain 

I recently completed my Level 1 and in the workshop itself, I could heal a lady's neck pain which was there with her for 25 years.....! I thought it's because of the group energy, but then when I started to incorporate this into practice, I started to see amazing results.

A man of 34 years was suffering from chronic back pain, which left him unable to sit for more than 20 minutes at a stretch. We met and I did Quantum -Touch for him. Within 2 days, he was completely a different man, because with it went out some long term support issues. It was so fantastic to see and hear him change and being happy. His productivity, and confidence levels have since then rose to its peak and he's very happy now. (The pain did increase to a level of having to sedate him, though, which is quite expected in the back problem, so I had advised him to keep breathing and he went through it wonderfully)

Thank you Richard Gordon and to his team Thanks to my wonderful QT Instructor- Verna Fouche...and of course Thanks to Almighty!

-Bushra Salahudeen
QT Level I Graduate