Quantum-Touch: The Universal Power Of Love


Our mission here at Quantum-Touch is to help people to live happier, healthier lives using energy medicine. We hold the vision of a day when healing becomes a universal skill, and the level of pain and suffering on the planet is reduced to a small fraction of what we see today. In the past, healing brought families closer together and we foresee a day when the family of humankind can draw closer through the innate and universal power of loving each other with the use of healing energy.

Quantum-Touch is a form of energy work, some people call it energy medicine. It is a very basic human skill that really anyone can learn. We have all ages learning this approach to energy healing such as children, adolescents, middle aged people and great grand parents.

What makes Quantum-Touch unusual is that people can develop an extraordinary ability to do hands on healing almost immediately. We see people on the first day of a workshop even before a lunch break and theyre raising their own energy high enough that bones are spontaneously moving back into alignment, pain is reduced, inflammation is reduced and organs become balanced. The most important thing about Quantum-Touch is that its a way for people to share their love with each other, and give to one another in a way that they didn't even know or think was possible.

The Quantum-Touch website ( offers a schedule of various workshops around the world where you can learn the Quantum-Touch techniques. Also offered is an online community of Quantum-Touch practitioners and instructors to assist you in learning Quantum-Touch or healing in your own life.  If you live in a place where you are not able to attend an event, we have online courses, books, cds and dvd's to assist you on your healing journey.

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Quantum-Touch has been birthed from the desire to create more peace and harmony in this world.

We hope you enjoy our site!


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