Overcoming infertility with Self-Created Health

Pregnancy wasn’t easy for us. It took a year of “trying” and a miscarriage to finally get pregnant with our first son. Then after another 2 more miscarriages, we became pregnant with our 2nd son. So “trying” for baby number three brought about many emotional stressors and worries.

We had started “trying” for baby number 3 once our second was around 6 months old. I was still nursing my baby, but have known many others to still get pregnant while nursing. Nothing happened. Another year went by, still no pregnancy. I had been weaning my second child, yet cycle had still not returned. I was starting to panic. I tired to ease my fears and practice stress reduction techniques I had learned such as meditation, yoga and repeating positive affirmations, yet no pregnancy appeared.

I had heard about the program “Self-Created Health” and was instantly eager to give it a try. Richard Gordon had asked me the discovery questions and my emotional cause seemed to be tricky to detect. Through the investigating, we had discovered the underlying emotions. I was associating my self worth with my ability to have children. It had brought up many childhood attachments and emotions that I had buried. Using the process, I learned to identify those buried emotions and process them in a way that allows them to be expressed.

Our emotions are messengers, that are present to communicate with us; to direct us forward. When we ignore or numb them, their messages can be buried in our physical bodies leading to symptoms or diseases.

I followed through the steps of Self-Created Health. I expressed my emotions, understood their meaning, learned to forgive which led me to experience un-containable self-love. I had transformed my buried emotions into joy, love, and gratitude! I felt lighter, I smiled, and the following month my cycle had begun! And two later, I became pregnant with our third child!

This experience was transformative to say the least. Finding out I was pregnant was beautiful, beyond what I had experienced before. It was powerful. I had learned so much about my self and my relationship with my body through self-created health, allowing myself to feel a stronger connection to my baby. I felt secure in this pregnancy, without feeling fear of another miscarriage. It felt meant to be. This pregnancy progressed with ease, which even in itself felt like a miracle. Working through some big emotions before the pregnancy really worked to clear some baggage, allowing me to be present and enjoy my pregnancy.

And yes, there is more to this story! I’ll continue to share my experience with you. That being said, I am directing my energy and practice towards helping women in their journey of motherhood. This experience has opened me up to the beauty our bodies hold. I witnessed firsthand the interconnectedness of our emotions and our physical experiences. Having the tools to navigate this allows me to live more fully, which truly is the beauty of life!

Thea Guenther
Ontario, Canada
Lightworker, Practitioner