Cats On an Airplane

Flying with animals can be a stressful event for owner and pets, and it’s in these circumstances of the unknown and uncertainty that Quantum-Touch has the capacity to facilitate a better outcome. Perhaps, even better than expected!

To prepare for an upcoming flight with my cats, I began many weeks in advance. First, I lay out the cat carriers and harnesses next to their food and water, and practiced with the cats wearing their harnesses.

A few days prior to our flight, when I found myself becoming anxious at the thought of all that could go wrong, I chose to visualize the best possible outcome; and do the most basic 4-4 Quantum-Touch breathing technique. When visualizing, I saw my beloved cats sleeping in their carriers, going through TSA security with ease, and even hearing comments, such as, “Wow your cats are so relaxed! These are the best behaved cats we’ve ever met!”

The evening before the flight, I took a few minutes to send Quantum-Touch energy into the airline approved cat carriers, into the vet approved airline medication, their food and water, and even into their cat harnesses. Most importantly, I ran energy to myself.

Additionally, I sent Quantum-Touch energy into the timeframe of getting to and from the airport, through security, boarding, landing/take off, and the car ride to the new apartment. Another side effect of the energy, was feeling guided to explain the entire plane ride process from start to finish to my cats, just as I would to a person.

Once on the plane, I leaned back and watched a movie, and simply trusted that the energy would go where it needed to.

The result of all of these efforts? Better than expected! The cats were totally unfazed by the landing and take-off of the plane, and were completely quiet during the ride, to and from both airports. Even TSA commented,“These are the nicest cats we’ve ever met!” And the passenger next to me regularly commented how “chill” the cats were.

With the help of Quantum-Touch, the cats had a seamless plane ride experience and have settled in quickly to their new home and surroundings!

Meredith McDonough
California, United States
Lightworker, Level 1 Instructor, Practitioner, Level 1 Virtual Instructor, Level EB Instructor