Yvonne Yeo


3 Simei St 4 #01-08
Simei Green Condominium
Singapore, Changi, 529862, Singapore

Contact Information

Phone: 65-9681-8849

I am pleased to be Southeast Asia's first certified Quantum-Touch Instructor. I am the most experienced trainer in Quantum-Touch and have been a QT practitioner for the past four years. I traveled to Brisbane, Australia, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to attend the Basic Quantum-Touch Workshops and also facilitated the Quantum-Touch Video Workshops and became a Certified Practitioner in June.

Wanting to pursue this great urge to teach as many people as possible this wonderful modality, I also attended the Supercharging QT Workshop with Alain Herriott in Los Angeles in September of 2005 and the Core Transformation Workshop with Alain in Perth, Australia. Quantum-Touch has enabled me to help scores of people to heal themselves and it is a joy to see people benefit from this modality of love.

I run a free therapy centre once a week where we open our doors to people with all kinds of ailments from aches and pains to emotional distress. I include my training in energy psychology (EFT, Trauma Healing, TFT) and Reiki with Quantum-Touch to bring about the best possible relief to our clients. Ever one to keep improving and searching for methods to help fellowmen heal themselves, I am pleased to add that I am also a fully qualified Hypnotherapist in both the British (LCCH) and American (NGH) standards.

One of the most rewarding experiences of my teaching, was when I was invited by Somaly Mam - the founder of Somaly Mam Foundation in Cambodia, to teach Quantum-Touch to girls who are rescued from prostitution. They use QT to help other girls to heal themselves of trauma-physical and emotional.

In the past four years of practising and teaching Quantum-touch I have been blessed to teach not only in Singapore but have also been invited to Cambodia and Shanghai and will be also be running regular workshops in Malaysia.

I am also blessed to have run a QT workshop for Reiki Masters and Practitioners in Langkawi, Malaysia. They all agree that when you add QT to Reiki the results are amazing. Some comments: Awesome / Amazing / WOW!! /Fantastic

In my effort to help people at all levels I am also qualified in Neuro Feedback. I use this treatment with Hypnotherapy and Quantum-Touch and clients are healed at all levels.

I am available to run workshops in Singapore and Southeast Asia and offer one on one therapy sessions. Please feel free to contact me at (65) 9681 8849 or email me at: