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Boca Raton, Florida, United States

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Languages: English and Spanish


About Me

My Name is Marcela Paez and I am a Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner providing energy healing for all those in need, both near and far! I was born in the beautiful country of Venezuela but have been living in the United States for the last 17 years.... (has it really been that long?!) I currently reside in the lovely city of Boca Raton, Florida but am available to do healings all over the world through Distant Healing.

I have to admit that I don't have any specific experiencies that led to my awakening, as many of the amazing healers and gurus around the world do. I am very grateful to have been blessed with a life full of love and compassion, with its normal hiccups of course, but completely magnificent! At least in my eyes... 

I married at age 24, right after I graduated from college as an accountant in my hometown of Caracas. I had two beautiful children that are, without a doubt, the light of my life. They have shown me what unconditional love really means and I consider them my real master teachers. 

We left our country in 1998 and have been fortunate enough to live in Miami, Buenos Aires, New York, and our current hometown of Boca Raton. During this time I studied and developed my second career as an Interior Designer with great success, but it wasn't until my kids graduated from school that I finally found my way towards my true calling through the fascinating world of energy healing.


My Journey

My Interest in alternative medicine began over 30 years ago when I was first introduced to homeopathic remedies. I started using this medicine on myself, my family and my friends and saw outstanding results... I was intrigued! I continued on this path and began a deeper dive into the world of metaphysics. For the last 30 years, I have done extensive research through numerous workshops and endless bibliography. 

After inmersing myself in these practices, it only felt natural for me to professionally transition into the world of Quantum Touch. I decided to close my interior design business in order to fully dedicate myself to energy healing and improving the life of others, as well as my own. 

Quantum Touch found its way to me... "The beauty of Universe synchronicity."

Ever since I embarked on this journey, I have never felt more real and more at peace with myself and with everything around me. Once you are able to honor, embrace and nourish yourself, the UNIVERSE starts answering you in amazing ways.


Come Heal With Me!

In my Quantum Touch practice, I use "Life Force Energy", Angel Guidance, and intuition to facilitated and accelerate the body's natural ability to heal - physically, emotionally, and energetically. I study each and every one of my clients' energies and embark on a unique, one-on-one healing journey that not only targets the exact problem you are experiencing but also extends itself to your entire being providing you with an all-arround healing expirience. 

I also speak fluent Spanish! I am very excited to extend my practice out to the Hispanic community of South Florida.... and beyond.


Contact me to get started on your journey! Together, we will find your healing balance.


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