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Quantum-Touch Certified
Level 1 Instructor Requirements

Become a Level 1 Instructor and inspire others with your love, knowledge, technique and passion.

The requirements for a Quantum-Touch Level 1 Instructor include workshop attendance as well as completion of our Mentor Program.

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Quantum-Touch 8 Hour Mentor Program

All instructor candidates are required to mentor one-on-one with a Certified QT mentor.

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We want our instructors to share their love and enthusiasm for Quantum-Touch. We also want them to be well prepared for their classes, able to communicate techniques well and guide practice sessions appropriately. The QT Mentor Program will strengthen your abilities to meet these goals.

Also, be sure to read the step-by-step requirements below.

Here are the specifics on the Quantum-Touch 8 Hour Mentor Program

Your QT Mentor will work with you one-on-one to help you:

Some of the topics of the program include:

  • The basics (creating a business presence for yourself, etc.)
  • Tips for marketing and networking your classes extensively
  • mportant features to consider when choosing workshop locations
  • Key items to bring to your classes
  • Helpful ideas for student communication (pre-class and follow-up contact)
  • Record keeping details required by Quantum-Touch, Inc., etc.

Teach the Material

  • - by providing a detailed outline of Level 1 QT curriculum topics
  • - by guiding you in communicating and facilitating the material

Help Organize the Details of your Business

  • - by providing a comprehensive checklist of details to consider when organizing a class

Benefits of the Quantum-Touch Mentor Program

  • Gives you insightful tips on facilitating and presenting QT
  • Helps you prepare for student questions by reviewing a list of FAQ
  • Assures your grasp of the Level 1 content in detail
  • Provides individualized feedback as you practice teach QT
  • Augments your ability to become a confident presenter of QT

In short, the QT Mentor Program:

  • Hands you the collective learning of our most successful Level 1 teachers helps you create a solid foundation for yourself in teaching
  • Quantum-Touch sparks your creativity and stimulates your thinking saves you time so that you do not have to undergo many of the trial and error pitfalls commonly experienced by novice instructors
  • Jumpstarts your ability to thrive and have an abundant business teaching Quantum-Touch.

This is an invaluable resource. It is an investment into your present and future, with the skills learned applicable to many areas of your life.

Quantum-Touch Mentor Program Fee (investment) is $2,000.

Step-by-Step Level 1 Quantum-Touch Instructor Certification Requirements

The criteria for becoming a Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor include your love for the work, a thorough knowledge of the basic techniques, a wealth of session experience, and the ability to share this knowledge with passion to inspire others. You will also need to successfully complete the QT Mentor Program with an approved Quantum-Touch mentor. Both inspirational and motivating, this program will provide you with concrete business-building tips and suggestions, and help you develop the skills needed to teach Quantum-Touch successfully. Once certified, instructors will be profiled on the QuantumTouch website, along with the dates, times and locations of the Quantum-Touch Workshops that they teach.

Step 1: Obtain Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner Status

Step 1 of the process is to obtain Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner Status. Requirements for certification are stated on the Practitioner Certification Requirements page here.

Step 2: Complete the Instructor Application Form

Complete the Instructor Application Form by downloading either the PDF or Word version below, available in both Letter Size and A4 Size.

Step 3: Attend at least 4 live Level 1 QT classes

If your practitioner certification included one live Level 1 class, this means you will need to attend three additional live Level 1 workshops. Your tuition for these additional classes is half the full registration price. Note: At least one of these classes must be taken within 12 months of the date the QT Main Office receives your Instructor Application.

If you are serious about becoming a certified instructor for Level 1 Quantum-Touch, you will need to become very familiar with the content and dynamics of a typical Level 1 class. One way to learn this is by watching other experienced instructors teach the work. Of course, Richard Gordon's video workshop is a great model for you to follow (The Original Workshop Online). However, when you teach, you will also need to be able to handle a live class, which is why these additional Level 1 workshops are required. Not only do they provide powerful healing experiences, but they offer you valuable opportunities to observe how topics are taught. Take these classes with the mindset of a student teacher. Learn how Level 1 workshops are successfully managed. You'll see classroom dynamics in action, and begin to imprint within your own mind and heart how you might like to facilitate and teach the work. After attending these workshops, it is our hope that you will be able to articulate workshop topics and be very familiar with the flow and content of the Level 1 class. Once you have done this, you will be ready and prepared to enter the Mentor Program, which is the final step in Level 1 teacher certification.

Step 4: Attend at least one QT Level 2 or Self-Created Health Workshop

A certificate of completion from QT L2 or Self Created Health taken as part of your practitioner certification will satisfy this requirement. This step applies ONLY to those who became certified practitioners before QT L2 or SCH were taught.

Step 5: Complete the The Original Workshop Online Training

If the The Original Workshop Online is not available in your language, substitute an additional live Level 1 workshop in its place.

NOTE: After Steps 1-5 have been completed, contact QT Main Office to begin the next phase of instructor certification.

Step 6: Send the Instructor Application to the Instructor Program Director at the QT Main Office to confirm eligibility to enter the Mentor Program

Send your completed Instructor Application form, along with copies of all of your Quantum-Touch certificates, to the Instructor Program Director of Quantum-Touch. (Mail to: Instructor Application, P.O. Box 791720 , Paia, HI 96779 USA) . If you prefer, you can also scan the form and certificates and send them by email to: Este endereço de email está sendo protegido de spambots. Você precisa do JavaScript ativado para vê-lo..

Step 7: Choose your QT Mentor

QT Mentors are a group of highly experienced and successful Level 1 Instructors worldwide who have been approved by Quantum-Touch, Inc. to support you in your goal of becoming a Quantum-Touch Instructor. Click here to find your Mentor. Sometimes the mentor you like will live in another country.

Once you have chosen your mentor, please contact him or her by email or phone. This gives you an opportunity to meet briefly by phone or online to see if the mentor is available to work with you, and to establish compatibility.

Step 8: Send the completed Instructor Candidate Questionnaire and Mentor Program Fee to the QT Main Office

Send your completed Instructor Candidate Questionnaire to the QT Instructor Program Director at the QT Main Office (Mail to: Instructor Application, P.O. Box 791720, Paia, HI 96779 USA). Please include in this packet your payment of the Mentor Program fee of $2,000 USD. This fee is non-refundable and due prior to your first mentoring session (We suggest you keep a copy of the completed application packet for your files.). Once payment has been processed, your QT Mentor will contact you to schedule your first mentoring session.

You can also send the form by email to: Este endereço de email está sendo protegido de spambots. Você precisa do JavaScript ativado para vê-lo.. Contact us by phone to discuss how the payment for the Mentor Program is to be made (inside the US: 1-888-424-0041 or for international calls: +001 310-984-6899).

Step 9: Complete the 8-Hour QT Mentor Program

This is 8-hours of one-on-one mentoring with the QT Mentor you have chosen (from the list of approved QT Mentors on our website).  This program must be completed within six (6) months from the first mentoring session.

We want our instructors to share their love and enthusiasm for Quantum-Touch. We also want them to be well prepared for their classes, able to communicate techniques well and guide practice sessions appropriately. The QT Mentor Program provides that support.

Teaching the Material: Your QT Mentor will work with you as you move through the Level 1 content, and share insightful tips on facilitating and presenting Quantum-Touch. You will also experience the value of practice teaching, and gain confidence in your ability to demonstrate and explain techniques. To help you answer a wide array of questions, we have even included FAQ (frequently asked questions) from students around the world.

Organizing the Details: Equally important is the class organization section of the Mentoring Program. You will be given a comprehensive checklist that guides you every step of the way when creating your Quantum-Touch classes. It begins with the basics - creating a business presence for yourself. Other topics include marketing, what to consider when choosing a workshop location, and key items to bring to your class. There are also guidelines for enrolling participants, follow-up communications with your students, and recordkeeping required by Quantum-Touch, Inc. The QT Mentor Program takes the collective learning of our most experienced Level 1 teachers and puts it in your hand. It will spark your creativity, stimulate your thinking, and save you time. Whatever your background, the QT Mentor Program will help you create the solid foundation you need to begin teaching Quantum-Touch. It is an invaluable resource.

Step 10: Send to the QT Main Office the Instructor Candidate Self-Evaluation form

Once you have completed the Mentor Program, send to the QT Main Office a copy of the completed Instructor Candidate Self-Evaluation form. We suggest you keep a copy for your files. Quantum-Touch, Inc. will evaluate your completed application packet and notify you once a decision has been made.

Step 11: For candidates who have been granted Level 1 Instructor status

Quantum-Touch, Inc. will notify you of your approval as a Level 1 Instructor and send you several documents to read, initial, sign and return to the QT Main Office.

  • Quantum-Touch Code of Ethics
  • Quantum-Touch Level 1 Instructor Agreement
  • Quantum-Touch Level 1 Syllabus
  • Quantum-Touch Name Use Policy

Please return these initialed and signed documents to the QT Main Office, along with your one-time certification fee of $300 USD.

Instructor Annual Fee

To maintain active status, instructors are required to pay a $199 USD annual fee. (Note: The $199 instructor fee includes the $99 USD annual practitioner fee.)

Please mail your completed instructor requirements to:

  • Quantum-Touch
  • ATTN: Instructor Application
  • PO Box 791720
  • Paia, HI 96779
  • USA

Upon receipt of all requirements at the QT Main Office, please allow 2-3 weeks for certification. Certification from QT is required prior to the scheduling of your first Level I Workshop. Students will only receive course credit from Certified QT Instructors.

All fees, terms and conditions of application for and becoming a certified instructor are subject to change and are at the discretion of Quantum-Touch, Inc. Completion of the instructor requirements does not guarantee or entitle certification to any individual. All inquiries and submissions are subject to a review and approval process by Quantum-Touch, Inc.

Note: If you wish to apply to offer Nursing CNE's (USA only), there is an additional $100 fee.

Optional Mentoring for Current Level 1 Instructors

For those who are already Certified Quantum-Touch Instructors, we offer an OPTIONAL Mentor Program. You can schedule support on an hourly basis or complete the program in full.

The Mentor Program can provide insight in teaching the Quantum-Touch material and assistance in raising your business presence. Your QT Mentor can work with you to answer any questions you have about your classes, or share insightful tips on facilitating and presenting. You may wish to have some assistance from a Mentor on a few key items or you may want to take advantage of the full program. Whatever option you choose, your work with a QT Mentor will help you strengthen your practice and your teaching abilities.

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