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Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshops

Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshops offers everyone an important building block to learning the entire Quantum-Touch system. Whether you simply want to learn how to heal yourself and care for your friends and family, or if you work as a health care professional wishing to expand your skills, Level 1 Workshops will teach you a wealth of Quantum-Touch techniques.

By taking a Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop, you will be on your way to becoming a QT Practitioner, you can earn approved CE hours and you will learn how to transform life-force energy into a lifetime of healing.

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Quantum-Touch Level 1: An Invaluable Skill for Everyone

Become a QT Practitioner! The Live Level 1 Workshop fulfills one of the workshop requirements to become a practitioner and counts as 4 hours towards practitioner certification hours.

Please note: Before one can attend a Level 2 workshop, one must successfully complete a live Level 1 Quantum-Touch class. The Quantum Energy System can not be substituted for this pre-requisite.

Level 1 Workshop

CE Hours Available for Massage Therapists

Quantum-Touch is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. The Live Level 1 Quantum-Touch Workshop is valued at 14 CE Hours.

Level 1 Workshop

CE Hours Available for Hypnotherapists

The Live Level 1 Quantum-Touch Workshop is valued at 13 CE Units by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA).

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Quantum-Touch is Yours for a Lifetime

Level 1 Workshop

Once you've learned to use Quantum-Touch, it will be yours for a lifetime. It’s wonderful to know that you have something of enormous value you can do for other people. You can use it for self-healing, or at a distance on loved ones who may be far away. Health care professionals find that Quantum-Touch enhances or even transforms their practice, yet this is an ideal and simple skill for the total novice.

Quantum-Touch links breathing and body awareness techniques to help people raise the vibration in their own body and hands. These are natural exercises that everyone can easily do; the ability to assist in healing is an innate gift that we already posses.

"Attend this course with an open heart and prepare to be amazed! I taught Quantum-Touch to nurses, technicians and clerical staff where I work. Everyone enjoyed the class and expressed their surprise at how easy it is to learn.”

Eileen M. Wright, M.D., Asheville, NC

Like a tuning fork that was struck causing another tuning fork to vibrate, the person receiving the session matches the vibration of the person giving the session. The body’s own intelligence decides how the healing will take place. As long as the practitioner continues using the breathing and body awareness exercises, he or she does not need to worry about becoming drained.

The person giving a session is not using their personal energy; in fact, the giver gets great benefit just being involved in the process. Dr. Jerry Pittman, M.D. wrote, “In its elegance, Quantum-Touch provides healing bioenergy for the healer as well as for the person seeking healing.”

Before lunch break on the first day of a Quantum-Touch workshop, students learn that they can give magnificent sessions to one another. Ordinary people develop a real sense of confidence that they can truly help others, while experienced practitioners find that their skills significantly deepen. The bottom line is that our natural and innate potential to help others is simply extraordinary. This may be the easiest and most valuable skill you ever learn. Quantum-Touch will powerfully enhance the effectiveness of all other hands-on therapies that you may use.

First time students of Quantum-Touch, when working on each other, will typically be relieved of 50% to 100% of each other's pain by the end of class. Not only do bones automatically align with a light touch, but also inflammation gets reduced and healing becomes accelerated. About a third of the class experiences some sort of emotional release, and occasionally the release is dramatic and profound.

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Pain Reduction Benefits

In one workshop, I asked my students to rate their pain from 1 to 10 before they gave each other sessions. In the first 20-minute sessions that they gave each other, the results were astonishing. A few examples include:

  • Ron's toothache went from a pain level of 3 to 0
  • Veronica's digestive disturbance went from a 10 to 2
  • Dawn's aching ileum that had been bothering her for 17 years went from an 8 to a 2
  • Anthony reported that he had more flexibility in his wrist and that the crunching that had been bothering him for 8 months since the break was gone.
  • Vides said that her painful elbow that had hurt for 2 months went from an 8 to a 0
  • Laura's lower back pain went from a 6 to a 2
  • Teresa's neck pain for the last 18 years went from an 8 to a 1
  • Roberta's nagging shoulder pain went from a 5 to a 0
  • Grant, who is 50, said that his back which had plagued him since he was a child, felt completely different with about 35% more flexibility.

About Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshops and What You Will Learn

The workshops provide a strong bolt of inspiration; students often get excited enough to change their lives or to bring something new into the world. Students experience how amazingly powerful Quantum-Touch is, how universally and profoundly it helps the people in the room, how wonderful the results are when you give sessions, and how surprisingly much the QT sessions help you. Quantum-Touch instructors provide answers to all of your questions and individual hands-on attention. All the above creates a marvelous, contagious joy and enthusiasm at the workshops.

Some of the things you will learn in a Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop include:

  • A series of breathing and body awareness exercises to help you focus and amplify life-force energy.
    This is the core technique that is used in Quantum-Touch. It is so easy and natural to learn, we've had little children and great grandparents pick it up easily. I’m sure that you will too.
  • How to bring down pain and inflammation in record time.
    All by itself, this is an invaluable skill. It seems that there are always people in pain and it is a blessing to have something you can do to really help.
  • You can absolutely observe bones automatically adjusting themselves with a light touch.
    Actually, the body moves them into correct alignment. You don’t have to figure it out any more than you need to understand how you digest your breakfast. This may well be the easiest as well as the most effective way to reduce or eliminate back pain.
  • How to help reduce or eliminate back pain and get faster and better results than you have ever thought possible
    We have dozens of chiropractors that are now using Quantum-Touch because it is so effective.
  • How to use an extraordinary distant healing method to get truly outstanding results.
    When those you love are not near and you want to help, don’t feel helpless because there is something significant you can do. Distant healing with Quantum-Touch is tremendously effective.
  • How to amplify the power of your sessions by work with Chakras, Toning and Vortexing the life-force energy.
    This truly ups the power of your sessions tremendously.
  • How to use the Amplified Resonance Technique to turbo charge your own sessions so they have a power similar to a group sessions.
    This is the most powerful technique presented in the book, video or basic workshop. This allows individuals to run energy as if they were a whole group of people.
  • How to work with pets and other animals.
    It’s a great joy to use this work with animals as they usually respond amazingly well.

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What People are Saying about Quantum-Touch

“Quantum-Touch has to be one of the greatest experiences of my life. My pain is gone and I have never felt better. The instruction was superb, very knowledgeable and full of answers. I have never been this in touch with myself.”

- Brad Nymeyer, Vancouver, WA

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"This workshop was fantastic. The best and most wonderful I have ever attended. Quantum-Touch is where it is as far as I am concerned. It can replace many other modalities. Quantum-Touch should be taught beginning in grammar schools. Teach them young and they will change the consciousness of the world.”

- Lillierose Diecidue

"Quantum-Touch greatly surprised me! I wasn’t expecting the class to be as wonderful as it was! I received a miraculous healing of my back! I’m very grateful to this class and the practitioners who came. I’m a Reiki Master and am looking forward to noting how my energy is enhanced. Compared to Reiki, Quantum-Touch is surprisingly fast."

- Betty Clegg

"I was truly impressed and felt it a privilege to be part of this workshop. I experienced personal healing of my lympho-edema; but I was so impressed with the healing of one member of our group. It was truly awesome to be part of this."

- Susan Hriljac

“I feel this workshop really enhanced my belief in the unexplainable, the ‘force’ the ‘unseen’ that we all know flows in each and every loving thing. As a massage therapist now studying cranial-sacral work, the tools I learned in this workshop were very valued and respected.”

- Diane Holland, CMT

“The workshop was what I’ve been longing for. My soul has led me on this path! My impression is that this modality is so powerful I have finally learned how to breathe the energy. Thank you so much for a powerful weekend, a powerful healing, a powerful beginning.”

- Suzan Geppert

“I have been looking for this healing method for a very long time. It was everything I expected and much more.”

- Ute Maria Cedilla

I came out feeling the best I have ever felt. All my muscles were relaxed, I had continuous energy and I feel like I made a difference in other people’s lives.”

- Josh Leibow

“Great workshop! Hands-on experiential – great! Leaving with new skills and confidence – ready to put to work! I’ve never vibrated so much in my life! Thank you!”

- Silvia Kraft-Walker

“Powerful yet so basic. Its beauty is in its simplicity. You get an immediate feedback. Whether you’re giving or receiving, it feels great. The workshop was a warm and nurturing environment. I felt connected to everyone.”

-Linda Nozicka

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Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop Pricing

NOTE: Prices do not include tax. For Pre-Registered Pricing, please register 21 or more calendar days before workshop.

CountryPre-Registered PriceRegistration Price
Argentina300 United States Dollars (USD)360 USD
Australia420 Australia Dollars (AUD)500 AUD
Austria300 Euro (EUR)360 EUR
Bahrain150 Bahrain Dinars (BHD)180 BHD
Barbados700 Barbados Dollars (BBD)840 BBD
Belgium300 Euro (EUR)300 EUR
Brazil1500 Brazil Reais (BRL)1800 BRL
Cambodia880000 Riel (KHR)1056000 KHR
Canada380 Canada Dollars (CAD)460 CAD
Chile150000 Chilean Pesos (CLP)180000 CLP
China3368 China Yuan Renminbi (CNY)3886 CNY
Colombia300 United States Dollars (USD)360 USD
Costa Rica190000 Costa Rica Colones (CRC)228000 CRC
Cyprus300 Euro (EUR)360 EUR
Denmark2200 Denmark Kroner (DKK)2200 DKK
Ecuador300 United States Dollars (USD)360 USD
Egypt175 United States Dollars (USD)210 USD
Finland300 Euro (EUR)360 EUR
France300 Euro (EUR)300 EUR
Guatemala2000 Guatemalan Quetzal (GTQ)2400 GTQ
Germany300 Euro (EUR)360 EUR
Ghana850 Ghanaian Cedi (GHC)1020 GHC
Greece300 Euro (EUR)360 EUR
Hong Kong2900 Hong Kong Dollars (HKD)3500 HKD
Hungary70000 Hungarian Forint (HUF)70000 HUF
India15000 India Rupees (INR)18000 INR
Indonesia2500000 Indonesia Rupiahs (IDR)3000000 IDR
Ireland300 Euro (EUR)360 EUR
Israel1300 Israeli Shekels (ILS)1560 ILS
Italy250 Euro (EUR)300 EUR
Japan50000 Japan Yen (JPY)60000 JPY
Jordan245 United States Dollars (USD)295 USD
Kuwait160 Kuwait Dinars (KWD)190 KWD
Lebanon175 United States Dollars (USD)210 USD
Luxembourg300 Euro (EUR)360 EUR
Malaysia1200 Malaysia Ringgits (MYR)1400 MYR
Macau3100 Macau Pataca (MOP)3720 MOP
Malta250 Euro (EUR)300 EUR
Mauritius9000 Mauritius Rupees (MUR)10800 MUR
Mexico6260 Mexican Peso (MXP)7510 MXP
Morocco300 Euro (EUR)360 EUR
Nepal125 United States Dollars (USD)150 USD
Netherlands300 Euro (EUR)300 EUR
Norway3800 Norway Kroner (NOK)4560 NOK
New Zealand430 New Zealand Dollars (NZD)520 NZD
Pakistan25000 Pakistan Rupees (PKR)30000 PKR
Peru750 Peruvian Nuevo Sol (PEN)900 PEN
Philippines12000 Philippines Pesos (PHP)14400 PHP
Portugal250 Euro (EUR)300 EUR
Qatar1600 Qatar Riyal (QAR)1920 QAR
Romania170 Euro (EUR)200 EUR
Saudi Arabia1150 Saudi Arabia Riyals (SAR)1380 SAR
Seychelles380 United States Dollars (USD)456 USD
Singapore540 Singapore Dollars (SGD)648 SGD
Slovenia250 Euro (EUR)300 EUR
South Africa4300 South Africa Rands (ZAR)4800 ZAR
Spain250 Euro (EUR)300 EUR
Sri Lanka32000 Sri Lanka Rupees (LKR)38400 LKR
Suriname250 United States Dollars (USD)300 USD
Sweden3500 Sweden Kronor (SEK)4200 SEK
Switzerland400 Swiss Francs (CHF)400 CHF
Thailand9000 Thailand Baht (THB)10800 THB
Taiwan, Republic of China11000 Taiwan New Dollars (TWD)13200 TWD
Tunisia175 United States Dollars (USD)210 USD
Turkey1580 Turkey New Lira (TRY)1900 TRY
Uganda600000 Uganda Shillings (UGX)720000 UGX
United Arab Emirates1250 United Arab Emirates Dirhams (AED)1500 AED
United Kingdom265 United Kingdom Pounds (GBP)320 GBP
United States460 United States Dollars (USD)550 USD
Viet Nam4600000 Vietnam Dong (VND)5520000 VND

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Quantum-Touch Level 1 Discount Policy

  • 1/2 price discount off registration price (not pre-registration price) available for children 18 years and under. All children 18 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • 1/2 price discount off registration price (not pre-registration price) available when repeating the Live Level 1 class. To receive the half-price discount, students must provide a copy of a Certificate of Completion from a Live Level 1 Workshop taught by a certified QT instructor. The copy of the certificate must be provided by the beginning of the workshop for which the half-price discount applies.

Refund Policy for Quantum-Touch Level 1

To keep our workshop fees as low as possible, it is important that each workshop is near capacity. Thus we have instituted the following policies for cancellations:

  • Registrations cancelled greater than 15 business days prior to a workshop, student will receive a refund of tuition fees paid, minus a $50.00 USD Administrative Fee.
  • Registrations cancelled between 14 and 10 business days prior to a workshop, student will receive a 50% refund of tuition fees paid, minus a $50.00 USD administrative fee.
  • Registrations cancelled 10 business days or less before the workshop, or if a student does not attend, will not receive a refund.
  • There is a $50 USD transfer fee for Students wishing to transfer their registration from one workshop to another as long as the transfer is completed at least 15 business days before the workshop.
  • No refund requests will be honored post-workshop.