Self Created Health Used To Find Emotional Cause Of Eczema

I am often asked how to work with traditionally challenging conditions such as eczema. The answer is now thankfully simple¦find the root emotional cause and it will no longer need to express itself physically. Usually we are looking for something we dont want to see and I see so many examples of the cause being an event that the person had long forgotten or overlooked.

Self Created Health is a system that elegantly finds the emotional root cause and creates a space for huge release, change and transformation to follow.

Join me on an amazing journey of self discovery on the next Self Created Health Workshop in London 17th & 18th February 2013.

Karina Grant
Quantumt-Touch Instructor/Practitioner

Claire has shared her incredible SCH experience with us:

I had a Self Created Health private session with Karina in December, where we worked through my feelings regarding the eczema and asthma that I had suffered since very early childhood. I understood from the sessions done when I attended the SCH workshop in November where the probable root for my asthma lay, but I wanted to get to the bottom of the eczema. I have suffered from eczema for many years, often quite badly. I always suffered with it after being in contact with dogs, though I couldnt help myself when it came to giving them a good scratch!

During the session it became clear that my eczema didnt start until after a significant event when I was four/five. The event involved my pet Labrador being removed from the family home without warning by my Mum. I was told this when I came home from school to find him gone. I remember very clearly feeling immense anger towards my mum but being unable to display it and just going to my bedroom. I was also very hurt that shed done this and didnt seem to care about its impact on my sister or me.

I had my next significant outbreak of eczema when I was 16. I had suffered with it pretty much all the intervening years but on the occasion Im about to describe it was horrific; pain in my hands caused by the swelling and breaks in the skin, it was on my face as well as around my joints. I have always put this episode down to stress as I was studying for and sitting my O levels. However as Karina and I talked, through using the Self Creatd Health process I realized that during that time my mum and step dad had decided that the dog that we had had in the family for about 5 years was once again to be re-homed due to the anxiety they had regarding the dogs safety with my baby brother. The dog (carina) was collected by a family for a weekend trial, and we never saw her again.

Quite clearly the child in me had developed a genuine reason why I could not get close to dogs in order to protect myself. The great thing is that since the session I have acknowledged both my Mum, but ultimately my part in this situation, and the perpetuation of it. AND I can now tickle, pet, and stroke dogs without getting an itchy eczema reaction!! I have no eczema!! Its fantastic, amazing and brilliant. And now I can get a dog, something that Ive wanted to do my whole adult life¦.I just need a wall in the garden to keep the dog safe.

I woukd definitely advocate Quantum-Touch Self Created Health, its so worth it!!

Claire T, UK
Holistic Practitioner

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