Running Energy With Quantum-Touch

I was working with a group of people demonstrating Quantum-Touch. One of the ladies had a 7 year old granddaughter who had had spina bifida as an infant which left her deaf and with a curved spine. She walked by several times while I was working on her grandmother. I could tell her spine was crooked and I asked permission to look at her spine. When I looked at it I saw a distinct S curve in her spine. I asked if I could run energy into her and got permission to do so. I had her lay down on my hands and I ran the energy into her spine.

While I was running the energy if felt the most incredible sense of gratitude to be able to work on her. It brought tears to my eyes and I thanked Heavenly Father for this child and the opportunity to help her.

As I was running the energy into her spine she was pulling on her ears and laughing (the only communication skills she had was sign language). Her grandmother said she has never done that. I believe she was feeling the energy all the way from her spine into her ears.

After about 20 minutes I had her stand up and checked to see if her spine was straightening out. It had straightened about 75% so I had her lay down again and I continued running the energy. After about 10 more minutes I checked her again and her spine was completely straight. She was standing up straight and smiling. I asked if they would be interested in having me work on her more and see what would happen with her hearing. They said she was just visiting and her parents weren't really open to this kind of treatment.

I didn't get a chance to work on her again after that. That was one of the first experiences I had with Quantum-Touch after I learned it and I was sold.

Jo Francks MH
Quantum-Touch Practitioner

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