A Miracle Healing with Self Created Health

A little background:

My partner Pam Putnam and I work together quite closely - in fact we work with my hands on top of hers!  She is a wonderful licensed massage therapist trained in Structural Energetic Therapy, a very specific type of deep tissue rehabilitative body work.  I am a Certified QT Practitioner since 2004, Reiki Master, and licensed massage therapist.  My specialty is emotional release work, typically using sound and music played through the body.  Pam and I met many years ago, and a bit over 2 years ago, we began working together as partners.  She typically does the deep tissue protocols while I soften and release the tissues using energy.  This also relieves discomfort for the client.  In addition, we do emotional release work using certain breathing techniques we coach our clients through.

I invited Pam to attend the Self Created Health (SCH) workshop in late Feb., 2010 with me.  We enjoyed the workshop tremendously, did the work for ourselves, and then (OK, no accident) within a couple of weeks we saw the opportunity to use this technique for one of our clients.  And here is her story (with her permission)

As a tiny girl, our Butterfly Princess (her choice of name for now) was abused and then threatened.  She kept silent for years and it literally ate away at her.  Developing Chron's disease, she has had many major intestinal surgeries to correct the impact of this disease on her system.  She was always drawn to abusive men, recently divorced with no income due to disability, and was literally on the way out.  Pam has known her for a long time, I started working with her a bit over 2 years ago.  We used the breath work techniques for her, with little result - really only temporary relief from fear and pain.

This March appointment, I asked if she would be willing to go through the Self Created Health technique with me.  She agreed, and we began the process.  We couldn't hook up again by phone as planned, and I was wondering how to proceed when another client gifted her with an appointment the following week.  We completed the release process and then began the rest of the technique.  I wasn't really sure how any of this was going to go, Pam sat back and held the love and the space for us to continue on.  After 2 hours of working, sweating bullets, resistance on her part, and doubt on mine - we finally broke through!!!  We had our miracle!   She had been asking for a huge miracle, I held out for a tiny one.  What happened afterwards is truly amazing.

The Butterfly Princess had a disability hearing scheduled for July.  She didn't think she could hold out for that long, either financially, emotionally, or physically.  The day after our break through, she got a message that the hearing had been moved up to April, and the venue would be closer to home.  In addition, her family wanted her to move back to Iowa to be near them, whereas earlier it was "too difficult" for anyone to help her out.

She has since been approved for disability income, found an apartment close to family, and is moving on.  She can't stop smiling, can hardly sleep because she is so happy and excited, and doesn't know what to do with her happy self.  Everything is coming together for her at last, and she now sees a happy future.

The tremendous shift of energy this SCH technique provided her allowed all kinds of things to change in her life.  Afterwards I asked what had created the breakthrough for her during the session.  I really was getting nowhere with her, and all of a sudden things changed.  She said she could feel the love in the room for one thing, and the other thing was she just decided to stop hanging on to the old stuff.  She thought that if she just changed her mind, maybe something else would happen.  It certainly did.

Pam and I may not ever see her again as she launches out on her new life, but we are certain we participated in a miracle of healing and are excited to have been a part of it with her.

Respectfully submitted with love and gratitude,

Rebecca (Becky) Clemments

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