Quantum-Touch Level II is Suprisingly Powerful For Chronic Neck Pain

Hi Richard

Just thought I would share some of my energy outcomes with you.

Since completing the Quantum-Touch Level II in Los Angeles in April I have had some great results.  In most of my sessions prior to QTII my clients got great results, but this energy is different.

First of all, I honestly didnt think QTII would be as powerful as the Core Transformation, but I was really surprised when I returned home from Los Angeles and began using it with my clients.  The energy is so easy and how can something so easy be so powerful?

1. On returning to Australia a client who has severe chronic neck problems (spurs and arthritis), unable to turn his head and taking pain-killers morning and night and in between if needed, came to see me.  After one session the client had movement in his neck and hasn't had the need for the pain-killers since.  With the second session, there was even more movement in his neck.  Also since the first session, he said he was having the best sleeps for years.  The client is in USA at the moment so havent had the latest feedback on how it is all going.

2. I did a distance healing on a client who was being treated by a dermatologist but the healing process was taking a long time.  The problem was a rash and an ulcer.  The day after the distance healing the rash was drastically reduced and by just over a week everything had cleared up completely (see emails received below):

28/4/11 (Session was on 27/4/11)

Dear Patricia,

It seems that the healing has accelerated. Red patches of inflamed skin are rapidly decreasing in size and normal healthy skin is taking their place.  I will let you know when full healing has been achieved. I have a feeling that it is not going to take too long.

Thank you very much for your help.

Best Wishes,


Dear Patricia

The condition has now completely cleared up. There is no trace of any previous lesions.

Thanks again for your help.

Best wishes,

Also, I have had more enquiries and a steadier flow of clients since the QTII workshop ... the Icons work!!  Thanks for the workshop, it was well worth going to Los Angeles.


Patricia Johnston
Quantum-Touch Instructor & Practitioner

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