Inspiring New Quantum-Touch Blog In Dutch

Since 2005 we have been fascinated by Quantum-Touch. Our lives have changed by knowing, using and teaching Quantum-Touch. At least every day there is someone who is happy to receive a QT energy healing session. With Quantum-Touch Level II it is even more integrated in every minute of the day. Many people who have learned Quantum-Touch integrate it in their daily lives or in their professional practice. We have found many people also became instructors or integrate Quantum-Touch with other modalities.

In 2005 Yolande Van Rosmalen and I started Quantum-Touch workshops in the Dutch language. We thought that the interest for QT would diminish after the first highly visited workshops, but to our amazement it only grew and grew, of course we know why! Quantum-Touch is for everybody and everybody can learn to use Quantum-Touch, it's a skill for the rest of your live.

We combined Quantum-Touch with the technique we developed to reset allergies and allergic reactions; this combination is fabulous and gives power to heal to everyone, not only to practitioners.

To share our experience and especially the experience of our students with Quantum-Touch and Quantum-Allergy, we started a Quantum-Touch, Quantum-Allergy and Self-Created Health blog completely in Dutch! We invite you to take a look and leave your comments.

For English speaking folks :-), Google can translate it for you.

To access the blog go to

We are sure the stories will inspire you. We will update frequently. New stories are also welcome.

Love, Linda Menkhorst
QTouch Trainingen

(above right our Quantum-Touch Team; Linda, Yolande, Linda and Nancy)

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