One Quantum-Touch Workshop - Immediate Results

So here is my testimony. On 17/4/2011 when I got home after my first Quantum-Touch Level I Workshop with Bia de Castro Oliveira, I wanted to call a colleague who has been fighting for 10 years in treating the after effects of a stroke. She has one side nearly paralyzed and walks with a cane. She receives treatment in a big Hospital in São Paulo, Brazil (needs to take applications of Botox in the arm and leg, and care for heart and hypertension etc.) and physiotherapy. Lately she is in a lot of pain in the good arm and also a growing hardening on the knee to the point of hardly walking with a cane. With fear of losing the "good" arm she went to the doctor that said that the arm´s nerves were destroyed and would need a surgery and that her knee would need to receive Botox applications and physiotherapy since she has arthritis.

The day I called her she was in great pain and could hardly walk with the help of a cane indoors. I asked if she wanted me to send the Quantum-Touch. She agreed and I sent for 15 minutes. I called her again to see the reaction and she said she appreciated a lot but she felt a lot of pain during the (distance) treatment and probably what she needed was physiotherapy and Botox.

I forgot to tell her that each case is unique and that all healing is Self Healing and sometimes during the healing process the body can feel a momentary increase of pain followed by improvement. The next day she called me ecstatic saying that the arm pain was gone and that she was able to walk around the house without a cane because her knee did not hurt anymore and softened. She decided to go to the supermarket and was even able to carry the bags. Remember that the doctor said that the softening of the knee would take around 2 weeks of physiotherapy? Well, it was all done in one application after only a twelve-hour workshop. Fantastic Quantum-Touch!

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