Headache Relief Using Quantum-Touch Level II

About a month ago I knocked the back of my head quite hard.  It felt like it needed to crack back into place.  I lived with it, as we tend to do. However, the headaches were becoming annoying and I found I wasn't sleeping well.  One night I decided to run energy to my entire head and neck area with the intention of re-aligning the sphenoid and occiput. I fell into a meditative state and focused on my head.  I felt it numb.  After 30 seconds I heard 3 pops on the left side of my neck, and then my head involuntarily moved to an upright position (didn't even realize it was tilted to the left).  It felt so warm and comfortable. I was simply enjoying this new relaxed state when I felt movement behind my eyes and forehead.  Immediately I knew it was my sphenoid realigning.  It was an amazing feeling noticing it shift with such silky smoothness.  The relief of pressure was wonderful.  I then focused on my occiput and C1-3 of my spine and felt further pain subside.

I slept beautifully that night, and haven't had a headache since.  And, now that I know how it feels, I have more confidence when using the same intention for the benefit of others.

Thank you for the inspiration and guidance, Quantum Touch!

Lisa Simmons

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