Quantum-Touch Level I Student Feeling Fabulous and Full of Energy!

I wanted to share how I'm feeling since the Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop. I feel fabulous! My energy level has suddenly been restored - I scraped the ceiling in my bedroom closet and gave the whole closet two coats of paint this weekend. I started renovations on my bathrooms which meant loads of running around choosing materials, moving everything out of my closet and one bathroom in readiness for the contractor.

Yesterday evening I met a friend for dinner and then walked home from there - a 45 minute fast walk! Then took my dog out for her walk. I could not have done half of that a month ago.

I'm able to focus so much better at work, and even my attitude towards work has changed. I've let go of the stress of having too much to do. Now I just focus on doing what I can do.

I'm feeling grounded again and I have lost the depression that lingered for months. I'm making plans, nothing clearly defined yet, but am feeling something starting to bubble up and am open to positive change.

Thank you for leading a wonderful, powerful workshop/training. I plan to do a Level 2 workshop next!  

Much love,

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