Distant Healing Helps Grandson's Wisdom Teeth

I thought you would be interested in what happened for me. My grandson was to have two wisdom teeth out plus one of his second teeth had grown along the gum and also had to come out.

As soon as the operation was over I started sending energy to help him heal while I was there to see him. But the family lives some 500 miles away, so I had to revert to distant healing. After two weeks my grandson had to have a checkup to see that everything was good. The dentist could not get over how well it had healed and she said it looks like it usually looks after at least a month. I stopped sending distant healing when my daughter said he was back eating properly,

Here is the second energy healing experience. My cousin's husband is sick and has heart trouble plus he has cancer and is undergoing chemo. I live in Australia and they live in Canada. So I used Quantum-Touch, distant healing again to help. I do it as soon as I wake up in the morning. Things have been going as best as they can and he has not lost his hair. We email each other to keep informed of the progress and the last email he said that he only had two bad days. I thought it was amazing that I had forgotten to send energy for two days!!

Love the work. Hoping to do Quantum 2 soon

Kind Regards,

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