ADD & Quantum-Touch

After learning the video workshop I tried the method on almost every pain or disease “ just in case it worked. The miracles were surprising (of course).

Then I decided that if so “ I'll touch my grandson's head who suffered from ADD and a problem of much too much over-talking in class and found himself more than wished “ involve in disturbances and punishments.

The kid was quiet for about 45 seconds and then refuses to stay still anymore. It means that the treatment was only 45 minutes.

From that moment and on (it's now about 3 months) my grandson is almost quiet “ when he talks it is not so intense as before. The biggest surprise out of it was a new ability in sports. Suddenly he could play basketball like an adult. Nobody can beat him in ping-pong. He can run without being tired. Before the 45 second treatment he was good in sports “ like any 9 year-old kid “ but now he is fabulous!

The best of the surprises is that from now on he can do his home-works without any problem. He used to cry every day “ while working at home on reading or writing.

Last week he asked my to give him another "push" of Quantum-Touch because he felt all the good it did to him and he wanted more of it.

That's a big miracle for a kid who never felt "quiet in his mind" “ that the new feeling he feels and that what he calls it "quiet in the mind"!


Miriam ken-dror
Quantum-Touch Enthusiast, Israel

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