Healing Scoliosis with Quantum-Touch

Allie first came to me at age 14, and had scoliosis. The doctor had fitted her with a brace she was to wear at night, and was discussing corrective surgery with her and her mother, J. Allie's spine straightened out very quickly on my table, in less than 30 seconds. This is normally what I see with back issues; I get the person very relaxed with massage, and then immobilize the muscles with one hand while briskly rubbing the muscles on the side of the spine that is "off" with the other. This heats up the muscles very quickly, and then, while I am still rubbing, start Quantum-Touch. I suppose I am too impatient to just run the energy, but this method works well. Allie felt very good, and J was pleased.

A few days later, J took Allie to the doctor, and was astonished to learn Allie's back was out even more than when she'd seen me! This astonished me, and there was only one other person whose body reverted back after straightening, and he'd had terminal cancer.

Allie saw me for several visits over the course of the next year, always straightening out quickly, always reverting back in a few days. I wanted J to bring Allie to see me for a few minutes every day for about a week, but their schedules were impossible.

During the live discussion that was broadcast with Alain Herriot, mine was one of the questions asked, and it was about Allie. Alain told me to work with her on the emotional issues she had around having scoliosis, the way she moves, the way she pictures herself, etc. I told Allie and J about this, and I told Allie I would give her the most wonderful full-body massage--when she was straight and stayed there. When the doctor no longer needed to see her. During her next visit, we worked on the emotional and mental issues surrounding the scoliosis, and the very next time I saw her it was for that massage! Victory!

During Allie's last visit with me, J mentioned her middle daughter, K, 12, had just been diagnosed with scoliosis. I insisted J bring K to me within the week. I spoke with K in earnest about things, not wanting her to encounter the same issues her sister had experienced. I am so pleased to report that K's spine straightened out in about 9 seconds! How amazing is that? I promised her the same massage reward as Allie had received. J, who is even busier than I am, promised we will schedule that shortly. There is a third daughter, one who does not yet have any back issues. I want to work with her even before she has to have her spine checked out. Let's just head this one off at the pass!

I have also worked on another "J", who was born with Spina Bifida, several times. She is a good friend, and the indentation (hole in her spine) in her back disappeared after the first visit. Subsequent visits have been for rotator cuff and neck issues. First she goes to see her chiropractor (habit?), and when she can't do anything about an issue, J comes to see me. I don't know why--I don't charge her for any of it. Her chiropractor is getting mighty interested in my successes with J, although, being very busy, it has taken some time to link up.

Thank-you, QT for giving me the tools to make a real difference in the lives of this family!

Sincerely, Ruth Franzen
Quantum-Touch Practitioner & Instructor
Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor/Practitioner
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