Chakra Aligning Enhances Couples Relationships

Hi Richard and Jennifer

I created a new Quantum-Touch technique today that I am calling "Zip Lining".  When somebody tells me of a long standing condition I begin offering them QT in the present moment, then intend the QT back to the time before the condition.  Then I imagine zipping back and forth in time while either doing QT Level I or II.  So far the effect is amazing.  It's like erasing the current condition and its root AND every moment in between.

Here's another new technique:  I call this one "Chakra Aligning".  I have been using this for some time with my husband and myself, but recently began using it on clients.  I have noticed when two people are not getting along two or more of their chakras are misaligned.  Using muscle testing and being able to see energy, I find which chakra, and then run energy either using QT Level I or II work directly into the chakras of both people at the same time.

I used this on a client recently who was about to separate or divorce her husband because they were no longer getting along.  After doing the chakra alignment once, they have been so playful and in synch it has been amazing!  They are writing playful silly notes to one another and report having more fun than they had in a long time.

For Mark and me, I find this technique keeps opening us to new ways of being able to communicate, drop old patterns, and be kinder to each other.

I also used this for a couple of clients who said they had plateaued with their acupuncturist and osteopath.  I saw the chakra of the practitioner and client were not vibrating the same.  Once they were the therapy once again progressed.

Cool, eh?

With continued enthusiasm and love of QT!

  Kim Luchau

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