Relief From Chronic Lower Back & Neck Pain Using Energy Medicine

To Whom It May Concern

I first visited Johanna van Reenen for Quantum-Touch healing in 2011 after she had been recommended by two much respected colleagues. The nature of this ˜energy healing is still not fully understood (by either myself or the numerous friends and colleagues I have since recommended it to) yet it is undoubtedly one of the most successful healing experiences I have encountered (I am now 50). In the past I have used (for various physical and emotional concerns and with various levels of success) physiotherapy, acupuncture, yoga, Chi Kung (I maintain this practice), meditation, exercise (swimming, walking, cycling) and massage.

I have also now used Quantum-Touch successfully for chronic lower back pain and neck pain (from an injury), to ease me out of periods of depression, to strengthen my resilience and reduce anxiety during times of prolonged and extreme stress and for general well-being maintenance. In my experience, the healing is at its most effective when you are in a fairly depleted state. Once on the road to recovery, the increments back to full health are less noticeable “ but if you are very ˜low, then the results can be dramatic.

It is difficult to describe the practice, though my 15 year old son (who presented with chronic back pain) came home and said, ˜It was weird but good. He subsequently asked me to rebook him some months later when his back was out of alignment again. Added to this are numerous friends and colleagues (who work in the fields of science, education and environment) who were able to suspend their innate ˜need to understand in the face of what they experienced through their healing with Johanna. One for extreme and prolonged headaches, another for a prolonged back injury, another for a serious knee injury and one who attributes it significantly contributed to a healthy (and high risk) pregnancy after a number of miscarriages.

On my last visit Johanna revealed to me that I had a minor issue with my tailbone alignment “ something she corrected from a distance of several metres. Difficult though it is to credit, I immediately felt a shift in the center of gravity and my ability to feel grounded, a feeling which has persisted for the 2 months since. Whether necessary or not, I also make sure I stand in this same position every evening to focus and ˜keep it so.

The process seems to connect you with your own innate ability to heal yourself by directing your thoughts inwards and yet, it also seems to work of its own volition as you can be very ˜scatty in your thinking (i.e. when highly stressed) and still have an excellent result.

I usually walk in feeling cloudy in my thinking, with tight and tense muscles and leave with a clear head, a positive focus, a lot of ˜love in my heart and a long relaxed stride with which to re-enter the world.

In short, I still dont fully understand it “ other than through the fact that ˜everything is connected at the sub-atomic level (i.e. quantum physics) and energy is both all around us and within us “ and this form of healing seems to tap into it in a very beautiful, natural, non-invasive and peaceful way.

With thanks,
SW. 23/5/13

Johanna van Reenen | Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner  Johanna van Reenen
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