Quantum-Touch Warms The Heart - and Skies

I have an amazing story to tell.

We have Quantum-Touch Level 1 and Quantum-Touch Level 2 classes in Shanghai these few days. We planned to arrive in Shanghai 2 days earlier so that we can relax ourselves.

The weather report shows cloudy and rain from March 28 to 30, well, as Mr. Gorden said; there is always a sun above the cloud. So, I perform QT 2 techniques: send heart energy and 33 seconds' meditation.

We arrived at 9:21 pm on 27th; Shanghai welcomes us with a windy and chilly night. We went to sleep shortly after arriving at the place we stayed for the whole period.

We wake up with the sun shining through the window in the early morning. It warms our faces today.

One small thing to add, as always, handled airplane turbulence with heart energy never disappoints us.

Thank you.
With lots of love!
Elizabeth and Raymond

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