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The Simplest, Most Effective Form of Energy Healing

This grandchild was one of the main reasons that I was interested in Quantum-Touch.

The week before my second Level I class, my son and his wife made a surprise trip to visit me in Chicago. They live in Cape Town, South Africa. They brought the middle baby with them; she happened to be celebrating her 2nd birthday while here. While taking my second Level I class, I stopped by their hotel nightly and sent them distant QT on the way there. I sent it daily to her since mid-March after my first Level I; however, I felt more energy charge after each day of class and sent most of it to the baby.

I finally had some alone time with her as she slept. I sent energy through her tiny body and cupped her knee, did tripods on it and visualized the bones and cartilage and blood vessels and sent them energy. She awakened saying "I scared, I scared" and I picked her up and told her she had no reason to be afraid. I rocked her to sleep as I continued running the energy.

The next day, at a family breakfast gathering, several people commented on how much better her leg looked and how much better she was walking. Her mom noticed it too. I said nothing.

I continue to send distant QT to all of them-to her knees and legs and her dad's; to the upper respiratory systems of her sisters and their dad (they keep colds due to the proximity to the ocean and the dampness).

I am convinced that as she grows her legs and feet will be symmetrical. I continue to mold them like clay through distant healing.

Deborah Dillon
Quantum-Touch Practitioner
Chicago, IL

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