Aug Group Healing With Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum-Touch

Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum-Touch does a monthly Group Healing and Q & A call for the community. This is a great chance to get all of your questions answered and connect.

Listen to this hour long call and learn the answers to the questions below!

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(Please note these questions were taken directly from the Q & A section of the call.)

Comments & Questions:


2.) When dealing with clients and their emotions, how deep do you suggest going till you should refer a client to another professional?

3.) I am a Reiki Master and I commonly feel tired when doing Reiki. How does Quantum-Touch differ from Reiki and do you still feel tired after using QT?

My Grandmother passed 3 days before her 100th birthday. The month before I stopped in to see her in the nursing home. She hadn't spoken to anyone in months. I did QT 2 and she started talking to me. I asked her how she was doing and she said her tummy hurt. I asked her if I could put my hands there. She grabbed my hands and put them on her night grown. Then I moved my hand to a different area and she said I was just going to ask you to put your hand in that spot. She then relaxed and went to sleep. What a sweet experience for my last time with my grandmother. Krismas Adams, QT practitioner & Instructor

4.) Is there a master level practitioner in Santa Monica??

5.) Blessings Richard, I have been trying to heal my eyes for several years but nothing has worked. I now know that there is something in my body that does not allow healing. I am deeply disappointed in hearing this. Can you help me release this so that I can heal? Love, Sharon

6.) Could you give me your definition of quantum physics?

7.) Hello & thank u for this great call. Can you please speak on upper back issues & what is the bone inside of the skull that resets everything? Thanks!

8.) Does the quantum-touch healing process work to heal a memory and bring it back to 100%?

2.0: The New Human

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