Extraordinary Burn Relief Using Quantum-Touch

Among the wide range of conditions helped by Quantum-Touch, many people are discovering how effective it is when working with burns. Frankly, I resisted publishing these letters for fear that people would simply not believe that such healing is possible, so I asked and obtained permission to also publish the personal contact information of the people who wrote them. For burn relief and rapid healing whether from sunburn or something more severe, Quantum-Touch can work wonders.


About two months ago I burned my hand while cooking in the kitchen - it was a third degree burn, with a blister in the middle (you can see it in the first photo). My husband, who isn't a big QT believer, was not happy when I started running energy into the burn instead of running it under cool water or applying ice. When I ran energy the burn got hotter and more painful for about an hour, and then cooled down. I ran energy while watching T.V., so I was doing something at the same time. Anyhow - you can see the photos of before QT and 24 hours after... at the 24 hour point the burn and blister had completely disappeared. My friend, who is a nurse, was shocked... but she couldn't deny what had happened given the photos to prove it.

Shellye Horowitz Blasingame, MA Herzliya, Israel


Did He Actually Burn Himself?

My 4 year old son leant back against the stove and placed his elbow on the 'turned on' hotplate. Between his scream and the burning smell, I ripped off his pajama shirt, grabbed an ice pack and set him on the lounge with me while I ran energy into the area which was burned. It was on that nice fleshy part, inside the elbow, and after about 5 minutes we looked to see how bad it was. It came up in 2 blisters about the size of a 10 cent coin. I replaced the icepack and continued to run energy into the spot for about 15 minutes. At this stage my son said it didn't hurt anymore, but I ran energy for another 10 minutes (just in case!). By this stage when we checked it again, the blisters had disappeared, and there were just 2 tiny red scabby like marks, which I then slathered with Shea butter. When I checked the marks again that night, you wouldn't even have known that he'd been burnt! My husband was equally surprised and very impressed. The thing that stuck with me most though, was after being burnt (especially from an Iron burn) the pain comes and goes in waves, even with icepack treatment, and burn creams. (I too, remember how this feels!) But after running energy into this burn, my son didn't mention any pain at all after the incident.

The one thing that keeps it real is the scorch mark and hole now in his pajama top!

The only thing I kick myself for now, was not taking any photos!!! But of course that is the last thing that runs through your mind amidst a crisis! I suppose for me, experience says it all!"
Inspired by nature... with love

Kay~Cheree Hearne
Earth 2 Sea Natural Therapies
Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Blisters Go Away!

My daughter Deepa poured boiling hot water on her hand and she was suffering from lot of pain and lot of burning sensation and a few blisters also erupted. She called me immediately and asked me to send energy with QT. Within three minutes the pain and the burning sensation vanished and another three minutes the blisters also vanished!! My son-in-law Mahadevan was amazed at the power of the cosmic energy sent to them by me (the channel).

Uma Seetharaman

Adyar, Chennai, India

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