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Knee Testimony

My mum Florence had always done natural therapies. I popped in for a visit home on the weekend (5 October.)

In passing I mentioned how I've been having a sore knee for a week. I worked all day for the Dockets grand final and as I don't stand and walk in my regular job. So the backs of both my knees were super sore that weekend. As I've had a meniscus injury to my left knee, I think this is why it was still sore a week later.

Mum said she'd do some distance work or energy work on it, can't remember what this technique is called.

I could feel more sensations in my knee on Sunday.  Monday morning I didn't feel conscious of the pain. Monday night I was at the gym for a personal training session 30mins followed by another 30 mins on my own.

Today I rode around 10kms on my bike to, from and around work.  Realized that somewhere between Sunday and Monday my knee started to feel totally right again that I didn't even notice it.  You only tend to notice pain when it's there, you don't always notice it's absence.

Thanks Mum, I can cross my legs again.

Cheers Christine

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