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Quantum-Touch: A Basic Healing Technique for Everyone

By Denise Godfrey Quantum-Touch Practitioner/Instructor, CHTP, CMT
Published in Heart Links

The more I travel the more I come in contact with people who are interested in becoming "healers". Sometimes I have to smile at the way they present themselves to me in their timid way as if they aren't worthy of knowing the deeply powerful secrets that must be known only to the elite group of "healers". My reply has become somewhat rehearsed and I apologize for that before I tell them: "We all have the power within us to heal others and ourselves by tapping into the universal power of love." But there must be more to it than that! Actually, there is and there isn't. I've been working as a "hands on healer" for 20 years and have been trained in several modalities by some prominent personalities in this field. It was when I met Richard Gordon and learned first hand his very simple and highly effective Quantum-Touch method that I changed my perspective of healing.

I've studied and practiced many modalities to facilitate body, mind and spirit healing. I've worked with hundreds of very "sick" people who have returned to health and thought is was a miracle. When I learned Quantum Touch I found that the simplest "techniques" produce the most amazing results. Through the use of breathing techniques, entrainment (two energy sources rising to meet at the highest level) and resonance (the quality of energy) Quantum-Touch helps everyone to develop as a healer. Quantum-Touch practitioners learn simple exercises to raise their life-force energy to a very high level. Life force can be thought of as the animating current of life. There are dozens of cultures who for thousands of years have understood life-force energy and have named it, its most often referred to as "prana," "chi," or "ki". Running this energy involves the use of specific breathing and body awareness exercises to raise one's vibration. When the body receives a high vibration, it responds in whatever way it chooses in order to accelerate the healing process. Healing must first begin on a quantum, or subatomic level and work it's way though the rest of the body. From the DNA to the molecules, cells, tissue, organs and even the position of bones - they all respond to the powerful vibration of our love as expressed through the life-force energy that comes through our hands. The results from my experience have been nothing short of amazing. I've watched as students have restructured spinal columns and relieved chronic pain that medication couldn't help. I've taught countless workshops where students have "ah-ha" moments of understanding for the first time that healing is no mystery. This healing work doesn't require years of meditation and "woo-woo" techniques. It's not about the practitioner being a genius; it's about the intelligence of the body directing the practitioner to allow the healing to go where it needs to go. Once students have this concept, the confusion and mystery around healing disappears.

I believe that all healing is self-healing and that by making "wise" choices moment by moment we empower our lives to be richly healthy and vibrant. Quantum Touch provides basic tools which enable each individual to make life choices that facilitate healing, tapping into our deepest resource, unconditional love.

With all the complexities of modern day life, it's amazing to find that such great power can be accessed from the simplest source. It's knowing how and when to pay attention to our inner selves. Quantum Touch is a powerful tool for those seeking to develop and trust his or her healing abilities.

Denise Godfrey lives in Northern California with her husband and cat. Her own brand of work is called Perceptual Healing.

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