Time for Research and a New Paradigm

By Richard Gordon

Deepak Chopra wrote:

"To promote the healing response, you must get past all the grosser levels of the body - cells, tissues, organs and systems --- and arrive at a junction point between mind and matter, the point where consciousness actually starts to have an effect."

I believe we have arrived at that point.

Over the last 25 years, I have observed many extraordinary and clearly definable physical effects that I believe can stand up to the r igors of double blind experimentation. Here are some of the more dramatic examples of and reasons for this contention:

  • Life-Force energy from the hands of lay practitioners regularly becomes so intense, that people's skeletal structure will spontaneously shift back into alignment with only a light touch. Professional chiropractors have been awed and amazed that they can use life-force in place of the vast majority of high speed adjustments. X-rays clearly show bones moving. (As a note, the body directs the movement of bones as it deems fit using its own intelligence. The practitioner never decides where bones should go. Similarly, adjustments made this way tend to hold, since there no force is used and no reaction to the force is created.)
  • In a preliminary study underway in Pennsylvania, patients whose blood oxygen levels have dropped below 92% during surgery, universally respond to the life-force and their blood gas levels went up about 5% on average and stayed there. (Since these patients are under a general anesthetic, we can assume that the placebo affect would be minimal or nonexistent.)
  • In another preliminary study underway in Pennsylvania, people with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome almost universally experience a dramatic raising of skin temperature in their icy cold limbs when intense life-force energy is applied to spinal plexus affecting the limb.
  • In a study I conducted at the University of California in Santa Cruz, basket ball players experienced an average 50% reduction of their pain from the application of life-force energy. All 13 cases of inflammation had been significantly and immediately reduced.
  • When water is charged with a strong field of life-force energy, people consistently use the same adjectives to describe the change - they will most often call the charged water "silkier, smoother, softer, thicker or syrupy." When wine is charged, it tastes smoother and with far less aftertaste.
  • When a strong field of life-force energy is applied to the head of a people laying down, the vast majority will go "out" in five to ten minutes. This is totally outside the literature in physiological psychology. The only people who are known to fall asleep that quickly are suffering from narcolepsy or from severe depression. Experienced mediators who have often said that they had never gone into such a deep mediation, or so quickly.

If "energy" is defined as doing work on the physical plane, clearly from the above examples, work is being done. The ability to change the taste of wine, to cause skeletal structures to shift, or affecting people's EEG readings are all examples of the impact of a strong field of life-force energy. When research is conducted in the areas of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and psychology, I feel confident that we will in time see the birth of a new branch of science that I like to call, "Life-Force Science".


I envision a world where the life-force is considered real. What if people knew life force was real? I imagine Life-Force Science being studied at every major university and medical research center around the world. Having new tools to measure or evaluate the impact of life-force would be like putting on a new pair of glasses with which to view the world.

  • How does the use of the various kinds of body work and energy therapy affect the life-force?
  • How does the use of organic and fresh live foods affect our life-force?
  • How does the use of pesticides or other forms of toxic waste affect the life-force of the plants or the animals or people who ingest them?
  • How does the suppression of symptoms with drugs, or the use of antibiotics affect the life-force?
  • How does the repression or suppression of emotions effect the health of the individual?
  • How does creativity, hope, gratitude and love affect people's life-force?

When life-force is considered real, concepts that holistically minded take for granted would start to make sense to everyone. I can imagine a world where healers are working in every hospital, emergency room, ambulance, retirement home and institution. I can imagine a world where every elementary school child learns to do healing. When a child is acting up or gets hurt, there are other children ready to give them some energy. By the time these children finish high school, they will all be extraordinary healers. What may seem self-evident and obvious to those people who have studied the healing arts, for political, religious, social and economic reasons has remained quite a mystery to the culture at large. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to live in a world where the life-force was not only acknowledged, but widely embraced and cherished.

Paradigms are notorious for dying hard. In time, with enough research and of course, publicity, the old Newtonian model of health will give way to a new appreciation and acknowledgement of life-force. For when life-force is considered real, people will know that healing is real, it is something everyone is capable of doing, healing is the easiest of skills to learn, and perhaps most important, our love has more impact than anyone ever imagined.

Richard Gordon, author of Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal, is one of the pioneers of energy healing. Long before energy work was popular, through his book, Your Healing Hands - The Polarity Experience, he familiarized people with the principles of hands-on healing. His book, a best-seller that has been translated into nine languages, is a classic guide to energy work.

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