QT2 Distant Healing

Ever since I made the decision to stop doing real estate, I have been getting many calls especially for distant work.

I am working with a man in Illinois. His wife found my site through the Quantum-Touch website. The first night I worked with him he was at home resting. I was sitting in my session room on an agreed time. I wasn't on the phone with him.

As he was resting on his bed and at one point he started breathing in slowly, then would hold and let out a slow breath. His wife was worried about his breathing and emailed me the next morning. I quickly called her back to tell her that I must have completely connected with him. He was doing the same breathing meditation I was doing during the distant QT2.

I told her I was following a meditation podcast I had on my iPad. She said it was exactly the way he was breathing.

It is just so wonderful and amazing how connected we all are. Especially amazing for distant sessions.


Krismas Adams,
Level I, II and SCH Instructor



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