Believe In The Unlimited Potential Of Life

My daughter is three years old, and was born with cerebral palsy. Within the first month of her arrival, she started her long and difficult road to rehabilitation.

She was expected to sit and walk with major difficulties under tradition western medical system. Other than regular rehabilitation progress, her father and I make every effort to look for alternative therapies, education and training that can help her.

We are fortunate to have received Quantum-Touch treatments from Elizabeth and Raymond in Hong Kong.  I still remember the first treatment, my daughter was happily enjoying her favorite educational DVD program while Elizabeth and Raymond were performing QT, lightly touching her cervical, suddenly, tears came out from my daughter's eyes from nowhere, I knew the energy in her body began to operate!

After a couple of treatments, I observed her body gradually relax, especially after QT level 2, a process that healed her painful past. She cried like crazy for an hour during the process.  After the treatment, I found that my daughter began to live like a human being, like a normal child, who has a temper, personality, and not just listening to instructions to do movements like a machine doll! Today, she can run, jump, and even speak; she likes to recite poems from Tang’s Dynasty.

Since then our whole family has learned QT, it brings us hope to know that we can perform QT anytime, anywhere on our daughter, we know that our daughter is going to have visible results.

I was performing QT on my daughter while she was asleep one early morning; she woke up from her sound sleep, walked to me and gave me a hug.  I believe that, in addition to healing, QT also conveys love!

If my child is an angel, then I believe that "God" is also in the world. This is a long road. We trust, do the work, and believe in the unlimited potential of life!


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