Astounding Results

On January 8th I was hit by a car while I was crossing a road on my way to work. I was airlifted to hospital by helicopter and after a CT scan they said my neck was broken in 4 places and I would need an operation the next day to repair it.  I would be in the hospital for 6-8 weeks recovering.

I asked my husband to send out healing requests to everyone I know who is a healer, and I did 5+ hours of self-healing, over that first day (whenever I was conscious -I was heavily medicated).  I felt energy on more than one occasion when I knew I was not running it myself.

The next day I had an MRI scan.  The medics were astounded to find that there were only 2 broken vertebrae showing on the scan!  I overheard the doctors say: "This cannot be the same person - you have made a mistake - check that I have the correct scan results" They could not believe that a scan one day could show 4 broken bones and the next day there were only 2.

OK - 2 broken vertebrae is still serious - but the good news was they didn't need to operate after all, but immobilized my neck in a collar instead.

I am still not 100% healed as the nerves to my left arm are damaged and I have a frozen shoulder, but am gaining more mobility daily, and don't need to wear the collar now.

Roselyn Watson
QT Instructor - UK

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