Love What You Do

There is this participant that takes my yoga class. Last October she fell and hurt her right shoulder and neck.  I tried since then to offer her energy, but she was occupied with test's and doctor appointments, so I left it be and told her if she decided my door was always open. 

In January, she came to my class and was still in a lot of pain.  During my class I went up to her and asked her to stay after class.  I brought her to a private room I explained to her what QT was and asked permission to run energy. She was willing. I ran energy for about 40 minutes. Her pain lessened. It traveled down her right side, her leg and her foot. I saw her 4 days later and ran energy again. I asked her how she was feeling and she said fine. Then I saw her 3 days later and I asked her the level of her pain. She said it had lessened. And it comes and goes but not as severe as it was.

Now the funny thing is this woman is totally crooked from poor posture. Over the years she's had to adapt and compensate to alleviate pain.  Her head won’t stay in the front position. We are working on her posture as well. While I was running QT I had the feeling to run energy in her eyes, forehead, crown and down to the ears. When I got to her ears, I had to open my eyes because of the unevenness. The right ear was considerably lower than the left. At the same time she asked "are my ears uneven?" I said with amazement, yes!  She said, "Maybe that is why my glasses don't sit straight". So I continued to run the energy and just like that the ear adjusted to the left one. 

Wow! I get so excited when this happens. Thank you QT for the training. I just love this stuff.
Love and Light,

Desneige Labonté
Ontario, Canada

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