Tirana is a willful, pretty mare and is willing to work for her owner, Sabine. She always wants to please and doesn't let a little pain stand in the way. Last December she was diagnosed with hoof cancer, with no hope of a cure from the vet, in spite of all the painkillers and antibiotics she prescribed. It was decided to stop all the medication and to put her down in a week.

The owner really cares for her horse and was devastated, and approached us for advice. We all conferred and decided to give it a 14 day try. That is way too short to do anything effective but it is was a start. We started working on her stomach for she couldn't absorb her food anymore because of the medicines. We worked on bacteria and viruses in the body. The severe diarrhea stopped within a week. The vet advised to continue the meds while we were working. We started working on her hooves then....and continued for several weeks using QT 1, Core and Supercharging techniques.

Her hooves were cleaned every day and the holes filled with a disinfecting material. One night Piet was rudely awakened by Tirana, invading his sleep to tell him someone had neglected to wash the hooves after the cleansing and they were hurting her. Piet called the owner first thing in the morning and confronted her, she shamefully admitted it. Three of us went to her that day to give her a boost for she was giving up. After more than an hour of intense work, she shifted her mind, and started walking and coming back to the world. We worked on her once a week for 2 more months. We continued to clean her hooves and she was taken for walks outside.

The third month we only did supporting work for condition and such, for the cancer treatment was not necessary anymore. It will take the hooves at least a year to completely renew themselves, but for now the owner is still riding her and having loads of fun with her. She has a passion for riding, and running outside. Every now and then we give her a check-up but mainly she is doing great!!!!

Piet Elsinga and Monique Verhaar
Certified Instructors, specialized in animals
The Netherlands

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