The Power Of Intention

Ceramic is a horse I ride regularly, he's 23 has COPD and arthritis. He has 7 puffs of steroid inhaler twice a day. He is on special dust free bedding and has his hay soaked to prevent the spores from building up and making his cough worse. His work load has been drastically cut down to an hour 4 days a week, mainly just beginner lessons and gentle hacking.

Whenever I ride him he gets a full hands on healing session, and in between a distant healing session. I always work his main problem areas his lungs and his back which tend to get sore. But whose wouldn't at his age (23). I also go over all his body when doing hands on sessions so I can feel for any other problem areas. I also align the chakras and ground him at the end of the sessions. During his sessions he closes his eyes, bottom lips droops open, ears flop, and we have a cuddle at the end.

The riding school is very good and will take on board any suggestions I make if possible. This helps to maintain his quality of life (I feel), and as much as he really needs to be retired I cannot force the ridding school to do this. So I hold him in my heart and try and do the best for him.

I have found that using core transformation and the wombing technique to be very beneficial when dealing with emotional and stressed animals, who are a little reluctant to let go of old problems. I have found in turn it affects their body alignment. I find running gentle QT energy, with the power of intention, is brilliant for minor adjustments. Obviously as I am not a qualified animal masseur or chiropractor I find QT works as a treatment.



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