An Oncologist Recomending Quantum-Touch

I have an 11 year old daughter that has Stage4 Brain Cancer, She is in her 11th week of Chemo and her pain is horrible. It breaks my heart to see her cry and say she wants to die. She has to wear blinders over her eyes because the light increases her pain through her eyes. She doesn't ever have fun or laughs anymore. She was in so much pain Thursday that she woke us up screaming and holding her head.

My daughter is on the maximum amount of pain meds that she is allowed to take. I called her Oncologist the following morning and said "Something has to help her" He asked me if I believed in Energy work. I told him it didn't matter to me if I believed in it or not as long as it could help Laura with this horrible pain. He gave me Tim's website and asked me to look at the Quantum-Touch tab and if I wanted to try it, he thinks it might help her.

OMG it worked.I took Laura to Cleveland and Tim was so compassionate and loving on my baby girl. He did his work on her and her pain was almost gone. He asked if we could remove the blinders. Afterwards he put his fingers around her eyeballs and within about 2 minutes, she started smiling and crying and said to me, "Mommy I can see you and it doesn't hurt" That was worth millions to me.

Tim explained to me that I could actually learn how to run the energy into her head myself. He told me there was a course online that Richard with Quantum-Touch taught. He said it is the beginner’s class but it would help her with her pain. After Laura's massage Tim took her outside, in the sunshine without her binders, and let Laura pet his horses, picked her up and sat her on one of their backs and started walking. The horse just followed him and she laughed the entire time.

What an amazing day for my daughter and Tim was such a God Sent to her today! Her pain does come back, but not to the intensity as it was. I have already started the online course and hope it helps. I just want my baby healed and healthy.

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