"Just Waouhhh!!!"

August 8 and 9, I had a level 1 workshop on an animal farm.

The owner, who attended the workshop, had asked me to do some practice on horses. It is usual for me, but then we had a little more time than usual for this.

There was a born-blind foal.

Here is the testimony that our lovely hostess sent to all participants, 10 days after:

There is something I wanted to tell you about it but still I needed certainty: there have been improvements on my horses, it is stunning you'll see.

Stimulus was applied and movement was minimal.

On Fuego, our blind foal, remember, he had his head most of the time leaning on the side, he has now recovered to 85/90% !!! Even if sometimes he puts it aside, he’s almost head up! Huge!

Also, I had a confusing experience this morning: Fuego sees!

I had fun with him in the field, this was the umpteenth round trip we were doing in the meadow (he follows the noise and smell). I take a small lead, stop when I’m 4/5 m from him. Usually he joins me and stops beside me or after touching or slightly hitting me (yes he does not see ...) and there, instead of joining me, he stops (it happens sometimes and then again comes to me), turns his head, scratches, and goes straight put his nose into the yellow bucket that was 2/3 meters away without hitting it! Usually he puts a paw in it, to know where it is so that he can put his nose in it.

Just Waouhhh!!!!!

Regarding Anouka, the bay mare (you know she was struggling to grow well, I gave her a homeopathic treatment that had really helped but after stopping treatment, it stagnated) she gets grounded properly. Is it also because she was given a massage.

Well, just amazing!! Small Fuego will get huge Quantum-Touch sessions!! Believe me!! I’ll ask for your group support if you want to.

Thank you all for participating in this little miracle.

Robert Marty
Level 1 Instructor
Level 2 Instructor
Quantum-Touch French Liaison


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