Healing From Stage IV Bone Cancer

Healing Therapy for Bone Cancer

Elsa is my friend’s sister who suffered from bone cancer stage IV. Cancer cells was also found around her liver area. The doctor told her family that she would only has five months to live. Elsa appeared to be emotionally strong and very optimistic in front of people yet somehow, we could tell she was clearly in distress. Physically, she got pain in the areas of cervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebras, lumbar vertebras, as well as the left shoulder and arm. The pain was so severe during midnights, that she had to scream under the comforter so as not to be heard by her family.

My first QT session for her on November 2014, lasted totally one hour and thirty minutes.  I placed my hands on her painful areas and transferred energy. She was sensitive. When I sent energy to her spine, she felt vibration and numbness in her left arm. After I finished the session, she told me that her pain level overall has been reduced by 30% from the original level “12”. She was very surprised and happy, as if she found a ray of hope in her life.

Since then, I kept helping her by doing QT sessions twice a week. Despite few unstable situations, her health condition has been significantly improved.

After one month of QT work, her pain was reduced to level 5. There was no more screams at midnight and she was able to sleep again. At the end of November, instead of hiding herself at home because of the pain, she went to Taiwan to watch a musical concert with her friends. During that time, I kept sending her energy through distant healing. She told me, she had sensations in her body, even through distant healing, although not as strong as doing QT in front of her. Elsa likes me to send energy to her liver very much. She said, it would always make her happy for several days. In Chinese medicine, it is told that emotional issues are hidden in our liver. Therefore, people would become cheerful after releasing the negative emotions in the liver.

January 2015, I encouraged her and two other people whose family members also suffered from cancer to learn QT. They all got their Quantum-Touch Level One certificate on 25th January. Elsa’s cancer index has been decreased from 400 to 63 on January 29th; and from 63 to 37 one month later on 28th February. The results from 11th March, 1st April, and 29th April all showed that the index fell inside the normal range, which means that there is no more cancer. Now, I still keep doing QT for her one to two times a week to maintain the condition.

In this case, I learned the importance of faith and perseverance in doing QT. The process can be difficult and long, but we have to remain faithful and convey positive messages to be patient that Quantum-Touch would be able to help; it’s just a matter of time.

LEI Chong Kei
Quantum-Touch Certified Practitioner


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