A Doctor Discovers... There is More to Healing than Drugs and Surgery


Myriam Burg, an Instructor in France, requested Yolande van Rosmalen, a Dutch Instructor, to accompany her to Cameroon, Africa to teach Energy Healing (Quantum-Touch and Quantum-Allergy) to a group of 30 doctors, therapists and patients in Yaoundé, the capital city of Cameroon.

The inhabitants of Cameroon are very poor and cannot pay for these kinds of workshops. Thanks to QT USA and personal contributions from Myriam, Yolande and Quantum-Touch Training from the Netherlands, they could provide these workshops for free.

Myriam and Yolande also worked voluntarily in the very small clinic of Dr. Serges Guengang, the doctor who invited Myriam and Yolande to come to Cameroon.

Dr Guengang is dedicated to help the poor and to teach them ways to take care of their own health. He also dreams about making Quantum-Touch famous in Africa, and of healing his country, which is at war in the north. Together they did a few radio interviews to talk about Energy Healing.

Yolande interviewed Dr Serges about his experiences with Quantum-Touch and Quantum-Allergy.

Yolande: Can you write in just a few words what QT and QA mean for you?

Dr. Serges: QT and QA are marvelous...!!!

Yolande:Where do you use it and what results do you have?

Dr.Serges: I would tell you that there is no area of treatment that I do not apply QT or QA.

  • It has shown to work perfectly in pains during menses in women.
  • It helped us to avoid surgery in someone with a very sharp pain in the hips and could not stand for 5 minutes and had stopped his job as a taxi driver.
  • A few days ago, one of your trainees reported very good effects of QT on the stuttering of her daughter who now speaks fluently.
  • A lady with a tumor in the pituitary gland, escaped surgery because of one the new approaches, especially, the tables you provided us during the Quantum-Allergy training. It helped us quickly unravel a very difficult situation. As I am writing you now, I called her and she is still doing fine!
  • Many trainees have reported wonderful results too. Some have helped patients in intensive care quickly recover.
  • Social issues also have greatly improved with the QA protocol, such as relationships between members of families and towards others. Words are missing to express what I feel!

I had an interesting experience when Yolande and Myriam treated me with Quantum-Allergy for a heavy relapse of malaria. I was really very ill but after a few minutes of treatment, all signs of illness disappeared.

story3What about John Paul, the little boy with a tumor in his head? After surgery (removing the tumor and one of his eyes) he became very ill, with very high body temperature of 41 degrees and substantial inflammation. His parents travelled miles and miles to bring him to my clinic. Here, you treated him and taught the mother how to do Quantum-Touch on her son at home.

Look at him now!

A vibrant 3-year-old boy, happy and healthy again.

This story was sent by Yolande van Rosmalen.  She is a Certified Practitioner, Level 1 Instructor, Level 2 Instructor, Self Created Health Instructor, and Level 1 Mentor.


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