Potential, Purpose and Healing

Gifts of Love

I have been a certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner since 2014 and through the years I realized that what people say they want sessions for and what actually needs healing is often very different. I experienced this first hand myself when I was very ill.

Before I discovered Quantum-Touch, I had been ill with M.E/ CFS for 4 years. And although I tried a lot of alternative therapies and I liked them, none had led to a full recovery. You see, I had been going to see healers and alternative practitioners asking to be healed of M.E/CFS but what was actually at the root of my condition was my unexpressed potential, love and purpose.

Now, I didn’t consciously know that at the time, so what I was asking for help with is not what needed healing. I thought I was going for sessions to “get my physical energy back” but really my work was so out of alignment with who I was, it had made me ill.

I had stumbled mindlessly into a fashion career in my 20’s and I got stuck in the work because I was good at my job. But it was hard work, very stressful, went against my deeply held beliefs and my work environment was toxic. I had always wanted to help people, but somehow I had gotten stuck in fashion.

I had wanted to leave the industry many times before I got ill, but I lacked the clarity as to what to do instead. I knew I had a different calling, but I seemed to have constant brain fog when it came to know how to change! So I stayed. And then I got ill. Very ill.

After years of illness, soul-searching and many alternative therapies, courses and seminars, the thing that brought me back to health was by making a life-changing decision to retrain as a life coach first and then as a Quantum-Touch practitioner.

The day I made my first payment for my coaching course, 80% of my energy came rushing back into my body. And my true recovery started there.

Later, I discovered Quantum-Touch and that’s when my true calling really blossomed. I have been now fully recovered for 9 years, and so you see, I know what it’s like to ask for sessions to heal your body, but to have something deeper that needs healing too.

Initially, I thought “Awe, that’s just me!” but through the years of working with Quantum-Touch, I’ve developed a strong intuition for what really needs healing. The body and subconscious mind are more chatty than you might realize! If I ask the Mind, Body, Spirit system, “What’s this condition really about?” it always tells me! It’s rarely just physical.

I love my work now! It doesn’t really feel like “work” it’s such a joy! When I had M.E/CFS I didn’t realize that my body was actually trying to help me. I thought it hated me! But now, I can see it as an act of love to help me change my life for the better. I know first hand that pain/ illness is a beautiful messenger. I am so grateful that my body pointed me towards a better life for myself. And it can do the same for you too!

AileenMcKenna2020Sharon Lawson
Quantum-Touch Practitioner
Level 1 Instructor
Bristol, Somerset, UK


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