Quantum-Touch in the Classroom

Quantum-Touch is a powerful yet gentle energy healing modality that can benefit anyone, including children. I have found that some people tend to think that Quantum-Touch can only be used in an official healing setting, however that is not so. Quantum-Touch can be used in a variety of places and in a variety of ways.

While working in a mixed-age classroom as a teaching aid this past year, my colleagues and I began to hear more and more regarding the rumblings of COVID-19, and working with children usually guarantees some sort of transmission of whatever germs are going around. Like many workplaces, the fear became very palpable inside the school and the children began coming to school very afraid and worried given what their parents had been hearing on the news.

Now before working with children, it is important to always ask for consent from the child if they wish to be touched, and more importantly if they’re a minor, having their parents' consent as well, verbally or in writing.

Given the environment, there was no time to pick up the phone or send a text message to 26 parents to ask if I could send their children Quantum-Touch energy. Instead, I found a more subtle and alternative way to send energy to the children that did not involve any touch or direct energy at all!

I stood in the classroom, observing the children hard at work in their various activities, and began very subtlety breathing and sweeping, envisioning healing energy flowing into the chairs, drinking water, snacks, carpet where the children gather, even into the cubbies that hold their personal items.

My intent was very specific, which was to bring peace and calm to the classroom. After all, all classrooms should be a safe harbor for children of any age.

Additionally, as the breathing and sweeping continued, I began to feel a profound sense of joy, causing me to smile for no reason. Even some of the students asked, “Ms. McDonough, what are you smiling about?”

As a few more minutes went by, I noticed the tension from my own body and my fellow coworkers also dissipated. Although I was not sending directly to them, their Inner Healers (a concept we discuss in all Quantum-Touch classes) were “picking up” whatever they needed. As a result, the children seemed to relax more, interact more harmoniously with their friends, and even focus more intently on their work!

I highly recommend Quantum-Touch for anyone who works in a childcare or educational setting.

Meredith McDonough
California, United States
QT Enthusiast, Level 1 Instructor, Practitioner, Level 1 Virtual Instructor, Level EB Instructor